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  1. Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    Had a nice weekend. Started with a nice little hit 3 minutes after arriving at Seneca then a few bigger ones.
  2. Mega Prize $300 Rollover Contest - Day #3

  3. Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

  4. BombSquad Shirts!

    C'mon guys. You have expanded the line of swag and still no classy golf shirts? I want one that says Big Jackpot on the left chest and I hate Facebook on the sleeve
  5. Monarch Casino Prize Pack - November 1st

  6. Anybody know how to help?

    Argh..Not 5 minutes later did those twerps Detect "unusual account activity" and disable my account again. All i did was contact The Big Jackpot. You really have to wonder how a billion people have a FB account when simply signing up is so darn challenging.
  7. Mega Prize $100 Rollover Contest - Day #1

  8. Anybody know how to help?

    Ok so, I was forwarded an article that said that my issue was likely caused because I am known by my second name and Facebook needs you to use your first name. I signed up for a new account and all seems to be good now except it's not finding any of my contacts as nobody except the Gov't uses my first name!
  9. Anybody know how to help?

    Do you recall how much later? Was it more than the 2 weeks I have waited?
  10. Anybody know how to help?

    I tried setting up an account under another email and that failed then I created a new hotmail account and that too failed. Both of those failed immediately as they now know my IP address, name, phone number etc.... So short of doing what the internet says and creating fake ID's etc... I'm not sure what to do? Also, with my initial account it was only active for about 6 hours. I intended to use it only for watching the live feeds so I hadn't done anything aside from I responded to Brian. I filed their appeal request and included my drivers license and picture. Not sure what else to do? Their corporate disinterest in customer service is quite appalling.
  11. So, after months of watching this channel I finally got the wife to agree it's pretty cool so we joined Patreon. I've never been much for social media so I had to sign up for Facebook. I did that and then a few hours later got notified that their security team had identified some unspecified risk and logged me out while they "investigate". That was almost two weeks ago. I filed an appeal a few times but get no response. It's very frustrating. I'm hoping somebody will have a solution. Anybody have Zuckerbergs cell phone # by chance?
  12. 25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    $11680 7 Jackpots
  13. My Vegas Trip.

    So, we drove from Toronto to Vegas. (sightseeing thing and it was well worth it) It was getting late as we approached Denver so i googled Black Hawk and as it turns out it is right there so i called the Lodge and they had a room. Nice!! That was a nice stay. The casino was fun and was profitable as we left up $1200. The room was very nice and the buffet brunch the next day was great. If you are in the area be sure to stop in. The scenery there is fantastic. (They need a Bomb Squad room discount) From there we spent 5 days in Vegas and my sons flew in to join us at the Flamingo. It was a great trip. Shout out to the Flamingo staff. They were great.
  14. BombSquad Shirts!

    Will you be offering golf shirts at any point?