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  1. Mega Prize Rollover - Day #17 for $1700

  2. Write off your losses

    Yes that quote is correct in Gambling Income as you stated, however you didn't include the losses part of that quote. You can write off your losses up to your amount of report-able winnings. Getting a hand pay and reporting your winnings off of the W2G the casino issues to you and sends a copy to the IRS actually gives you an opportunity to reduce your taxable income by using your losses to offset your winnings. I have found online tax programs such as Turbo Tax don't handle your losses versus your winnings so you should do it by hand on the proper forms or pay someone to itemize for you. I use H&R Block.
  3. Hello From Laughlin !

    Hello, I am in Laughlin now. As stated above when the Reno area took off in 2017 the housing market actually got above what most people paid for their real estate for the first time in a long time. My landlord who previously told me he would never sell and wanted me to stay forever or until I died knocked on the door unexpectedly and said he sold and I had to move out. I moved to Laughlin out of Reno for two reasons. The housing expense and the crime. This is won.com and a forum where we all have the same thing in common so I shall dispense with any shade as I think that is not what we are here for. Being a new member I responded to the invitation of introducing yourself and telling something about yourself. I did that explaining why I moved out of Reno after living there for 4 years. Reno PD had a gang unit. Reno has an area behind the Peppermill Hotel and Casino that is dangerous and crime ridden. The downtown area is drug ridden. I was assaulted by a masked man while walking to the 4th street bus station leaving the Silver Legacy Hotel. He lost his nerve but the fact remains he was covered in a mask and approached me. There were numerous murders including a stabbing that happened outside the door of the Eldorado feet where people were sitting at slot machines. KTVN TV web page is 80% crime and always has been as long as I can remember. I can't say it is anywhere near as rosy as Sunshine Girl stated but that sounds like it was cut and pasted from the City of Reno website. I am sorry I mentioned something about me but no. Reno is not safe in my book. John
  4. Hello From Laughlin !

    Hello From Laughlin Nevada. On the Colorado River at the intersection of California, Arizona, and Nevada. I moved here after almost 4 years in Reno. Reno got Tesla, Switch, Amazon, Walmart in a new industrial and I got a knock on the door from my landlord saying he sold the condo I was renting and get out by the end of the month. Yikes. It got so expensive and there is a lot of crime there so I bailed out. Now I am in the middle of the desert but I stand out here because I am not a drug user. Trade one thing for another I guess. I am only an hour and a half from Las Vegas so I hope to get to a group pull next time the #Raja is there. Thanks for letting me say hello. Take Care, John
  5. Hi from Houston

    Helene you got your wish last night. I am going to watch it again on YouTube tonight for the third time. It gets better each time. I thought nothing was going to beat the San Manuel visit but I think last night $250 Lighting Link beat it. Over $100 thousand in hand pays. Wow. #Boom Take Care John
  6. I drove tractor trailer across country for years. I went to a riverboat in St. Louis I think. I lost from the first bet to the last. I felt like we all feel when we have been beat, all I wanted to do was to get out of there. The boat didn't actually go up and down the river it is moored there all the time. They close the place for "an 8 hour cruise" where you have to stay there the full 8 hours. I could look out the window and see my truck in the parking lot but couldn't get to it as security was in charge of keeping you on the boat for the full 8 hours I guess it was some type of regulation or something. I toyed with the idea of pulling the fire alarm but would never do that. I went to security once again and under their breath I am sure they were saying here is that a**hole once again. I told them I had chest pains and asked them to call an ambulance. They took me into the back room and opened the exit door. The head of security asked if my chest felt better now? I took a step outside and said yes. I never looked back and never went back. Worse type of gambling "cruise" ever.
  7. I have done this twice in my life. Last year I was at the Peppermill in Reno Nevada and sat down at Gold Bonanza. I had never seen the machine before and it is in a bank of 6, 4 of them are Buffalo and 2 of them are the Bonanza (right at the back bar in the center of the floor if you want to look for it). I saw someone playing it earlier and thought it paid out pretty well for his min bet. Personally I am a max bet person always so I was betting $6 a spin. I was getting some good playback and hit a hand pay on a screen full of roulette machines. That is the top symbol and the other version of Gold Bonanza is white pigs. I found all this out later because I have never seen it before. I was playing for $6 and the dancing gold ingot came down and all the reels were turned gold taking me to the bonus. This bonus is like Lighting Link hold and spin. I got a few Mini's a few Minor's and values of $180, $120, and a few lower. It told me to spin. I had no idea what I was doing, well saying that I knew I was gambling and I knew I was playing a new machine but had no clue as to the rules. I spun and hit a few and it reset to 3 more spins like LL does. I guess it is a clone. Long story short when the last one filled the screen I felt like wow. I won as much as I could and this machine and it is pretty cool. I couldn't figure out why the "lights were going off" like a certain someone says and the music was playing. I won $12,800.00 and change completely unknowing what I did or how I did it. I later found out when I filled the screen I hit the grand bonus and all the credits also. That my friends I think is our great joy out of playing a new machine and hitting it big. Have you hit a new machine and didn't know it? Isn't it fun? #Boom #BombSquad #Boom
  8. Sunday in Las Vegas -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #14 for $1,400

    $74,935.00 This should be huge with $250 a pull Lighting Link. #Boom.
  9. Saturday in Las Vegas -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #13 for $1,300

    $47,935.00 #Boom #Boom #Boom
  10. Friday in Las Vegas -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #12 for $1,200

    $20.906.00 #Boom #Buzz #Boom
  11. The Raja Bobblehead & Hard Rock Las Vegas Dufflebag Giveaway!

    594 #BOOM #BOOM #BOOM
  12. Mega Prize Rollover - Day #11 for $1,100

    $36,745.00 Good Luck Scott #Boom #Boom #Boom