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  1. Jackpot Totals ?

    Jackpot totals subject is a moot one now as of this date as the contest is over.
  2. Guarantee Winner - Final Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY

    $12,345.00 The Big
  3. Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY

    $12,345.00 The Big
  4. Mega Prize Rollover - Day #23 for $2,300 Cash or a Free Cruise!

    $12,345.00 The Big
  5. Mega Prize Rollover - Day #22 for $2,200 Cash or Free Cruise!

    $12,345.00 The Big
  6. $2100 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #21 (Saturday 2/10)

    $12, 345.00 The Big #NeverBoring #WhoisKyle #WhoisChico
  7. Kicked out of casino for winning! Blackjack!

    Eric, Here is what you do with no Fail, Start a Yahoo Channel and call it "CountNThrownOut". Tell people there is a system that is no loss guaranteed. Pay someone to host and make a website for you but make sure it takes 2 years to complete. Tell people that it will be available soon and you will be able to sell them the "system" through the website. In the mean time sell CountNThrownOut tee shirts and hats. Just post a few videos of you showing a $10,000 bet and winning. Make em short. POOF! You are an internet hit.
  8. Ever since Scott cooked that Chicken Pot Pie for the twins I have been looking for a recipe. I know he said the chicken was a Super Market Rotisserie chicken and that sounds super yummy. What else should I try? What crust should I use? I don't have a bread maker so I was wondering if there is a certain bought crust anyone has tried? The filling could be a soup minus the extra milk. Maybe a mushroom soup and then add frozen baby carrots and potatoes? Hmmm. Damn I so wanted him to serve me up a plate of that also that looked yummy. Can anyone help? In the odd chance Scott sees this will you share your master recipe? Hungry bomb squad members want to cook some up and then settle in and watch the Big Jackpot get some #booms.
  9. $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

    $12,345.00 THE BIG
  10. Friday in Reno -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #17 for $1,700

  11. Write off your losses

    Yes that quote is correct in Gambling Income as you stated, however you didn't include the losses part of that quote. You can write off your losses up to your amount of report-able winnings. Getting a hand pay and reporting your winnings off of the W2G the casino issues to you and sends a copy to the IRS actually gives you an opportunity to reduce your taxable income by using your losses to offset your winnings. I have found online tax programs such as Turbo Tax don't handle your losses versus your winnings so you should do it by hand on the proper forms or pay someone to itemize for you. I use H&R Block.
  12. Tuesday Blackhawk Mega Prize Rollover - Day #16 for $1,600