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  2. SuNNZ

    Yo Yo

    Welcome to meh forum, 🤧 Just found out about this on YouTube live steam I saw the boss playing it so I decided to Download it myself as well.. already have like 80 pokies apps installed why not add a another one to the list.. lol iam not a alcoholic but I maybe a pokerholic been playing slots for years I have never hit Anyways I’m out of here for now.. it’s 1AM Saturday Morning Here
  3. Your right they can log serial numbers on hundred dollar Bill's and if they are from the house they will get gobbled up. Your a sitting duck if you win 15k and dont leave the property.
  4. Last week
  5. Jollyhell

    Hi Jollyhell is here.

    Love watching the big jackpot. Raja the luckiest and craziest slot player I ever seen. Trying to up my bets it not easy. Losses have to happen before wins. I used to be a slot repairman. I play slots a lot. And as always do better then table game. I post a few slot videos of my own hits at I have hit a lightning link grand jackpot.
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  7. Porscha


    If i change my email adress from the app account it says reactivated do you mean logout login or something else do I lose my level and coins? Must the email adress be the seem as from facebook and app? If you sign up patreon
  8.  Skarpony

    Favorite bet size

    What's everyone's favorite bet size they like to start. I find starting out big I quickly lose early but manage to claw my way back. I usually start out 500m then jump to 1b then gradually 5b 25b, 500b, 1t, 25t, 50, 100t... haven't bothered going any further yet. Let me know what your biggest bets are.
  9. Quincy

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hi my name is Quincy just want to say hi. I'm enjoying the app an Good Luck to you all. Let's get them Mega Booms...
  10. It's not right .play for months to lose it all in a week. I pay to play and be competitive . support the game .and have fun .this continued loosing is not fun
  11. Monty

    im huge fan love lightning link all i play

    Hi Don! Welcome to the BombSquad!
  12. Welcome xMaskard. Maybe you get luckily on a slot machine one day
  13. I Am a fan of Raja and the lightning link videos since I love it. I am from Philippines. Maybe if someone could help me out would really nice. If Raja will help me it will literally change my life. thats my email! Boom!
  14. My name is Don sinjakovic from Wisconsin. retired from army in 2000 was injured don't know what else u want here but ty for the fun...
  15. Hi have an other question if the q betting goes in at live play that for me at 3am but i need my sleep if i play for example in the morning dutch time can I also bet q?
  16. The_Amateur

    Escape your Cubicle

    My adventures in Uber driving and gambling here in Las Vegas since quitting my cubicle job in California and moving to Vegas in 2017! Search "Escape your Cubicle" on youtube
  17. Porscha

    Become paterion ?

    Hi I'm still considering if i can become pateron if i can can I stop the payment every time I will because i must check first if i can effort it ?And how mutch it is in € . I must read thing 10 times carefully because of the language differents. Must you have PayPal? Thanks in advance. Gr.
  18. Porscha

    How to join live stream ?

    Hi have tryd 2 too become in live stream but did see nothing. How this works? I push on the pop up message wait few minutes but see nothing? Can somebody helping me it cots me a lot of energie to play this app not good for my health. Does it cost real money? Can you pup out of it ? If you maby win real something must you have PayPal then? I have more questions put new topics thanks in advance gr.
  19. Skinsrule77

    New to The Forum

    Hello All. Skinsrule77 on TBJ APP. Live in Almost Heaven West Virginia.
  20. bennie walling


    I'm Ben from Oklahoma
  21. Mom of 5boys

    Additional Steps

    I’m having the same problem
  22. Alison Herchak McCorriston

    Additional Steps

    I am trying to join a team but it says unable to join account still pending validation. I believe I have done all requirements. Do you know what I should be doing?
  23. Mcwinner

    Progressive Wins

    Awesome win!
  24. Biggertyme123

    Logged me out

    A message said session has ended then it logged ne out. When i try to log back in it says my name is not found. I had 28q in there. What can i do to fix it?
  25. Thomas Bach

    App will not let me log in

    ok I fixed, app will not let me password special characters
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