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  3. For the last two years, my favorite slot machine has been Buffalo Gold (Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes). I usually play $4.80 per spin and during this period, I got at least 8 handpays on this game but I never had 15 Buffalo Heads. Finally, a few days ago, it happened and I won $1,100. To me, this is better than a $1,200 handpay because it's tax free. I took a picture of the win but I don't know how to download it. I may have to ask my daughter to help me do it. Speaking of 15 Buffalo Heads, I know that The Raja recently got 13 Heads although he rarely plays this game. The Raja is more interested in getting the Grand this year. He still has a few more weeks to do it, but even if it does not happen, he has been very lucky in recent weeks. Here are three examples: $33,000 on Rising Fortunes (is this enough to break BOD's bad luck spell?), $17,000 on the original Cleopatra, and $23,000 on Prowling Panther (with the help of Tee Winn's cheers). Update: A few days after I wrote the comment above, The Raja did actually hit the Grand, not once but twice on the NCL cruise. Congrats, Raja.
  4. Monty

    added icons to display name in app. now can't log in

    Create a new account and I'll send you some.
  5. I added 2 icons US Flag & red heart to my display name inside the app and now I can't log in. It says Beggar's Farm cannot be found. I have over 57Q and I don't want to lose it
  6. Monty

    First 3 jackpots in a day

    WoW! Now that is a great night! BOOM BOOM BOOM!
  7. I went to my near-local casino (Firekeepers in Battle Creek, Michigan) for a slot tournament. Somehow I ended up winning, which came with $10,000 in Red Hot Credits (free play). With the free play I went to the high limit room where I got my first two jackpots of $4900 (don't know machine's name, it's got free games with 7's being worth x2 or something) on a $75 bet, and $2500 on a Pinball machine with a $75 bet. I fiddle farted around for a bit and went back to the main floor and played 3-card poker and ended up with the jackpot of A-K-Q spades for $7k, as shown. Paid off my truck. Had some fun. A lotta fun.
  8. My Suggestion for the Big Jackpot App is I was wondering if they would add a new coin to the Coin Drop with my name on it it would be worth 111 quadrillion coins. I hope they would add such a coin. that would be awesome if not I gave it a try.
  9. MrZeroVB

    My biggest win!!!!

  10. Monty

    Baller on a budget youtube channel

    Hey Ross! I saw that video a few weeks ago! That was wild and congrats!
  11. Monty

    Howdy Im Ross from Texas

    Hi BeeHive! I'm DammitDan, I hope we met as well
  12. BeeHive

    Tulsa area

    I drive thru there often and goto Hard Rock a few times a year for the poker tournaments. Im down to do a group pull
  13. Howdy! I recently met Raja at Winstar Casino and learned about this place. Ive been youtubing for about 4 years and recently found out that some casinos allow LiveStreaming so Im trying to find out which casinos allow it and go visit them
  14. Howdy Ya'll! My name is Ross Bybee. I recently won the "Grand" on a high limit lightning link slot machine for $65k. I decided to put most of the money away but figured i would take $20k and try to be a regular high roller for a while. I started a $5k to $100k challenge to see if I can get lucky. So far we have hundreds of hours of high limit play we will be releasing regularly.
  15. Slotbabe

    Anyone here from MN?

    Looking to chat about MN casinos
  16. Monty

    Hi everyone I'm Duder

    Hi Duder, welcome
  17. Monty

    I'm Ms.Piggee from Arkansas

    Welcome! Have you been to Winstar?
  18. MsPiggee

    Smaller Oklahoma casinos.

    I'm near Pocola Ok and Roland Ok
  19. I gamble at Choctaw and Cherokee casinos in Oklahoma.
  20. I love this game haven't been having luck lately but it will pick up
  21. DelLago

    Turning Stone

    Anyone play at Turning Stone Casino interested in a group pull sometime in the near future?
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