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  4. APoetsCorner

    13k Points In One Round.

    Pound for pound a booming line hit. I used a 25x multiplyer. 75T bet. 22q payout on the bonus. 🔥🎩🔥
  5. Last week
  6. Monty

    Help I need raja

    always remember there is things much worst than this.. like living in the medieval era with no plumbing, trash pick up, and running water. life is good
  7. Monty

    New uk member

  8. JackandJill

    New uk member

    Hi I’m a poker player and plan on using the app while I play. Live in uk south coast.
  9. Eric Bentsen

    Write off your losses

    I thought I saw someone on YouTube win $98.5K in 24 handpays, but he walked away $3K down. How do you tell the IRS you lost $101.5K at the same time you won $98.5K? I mean, the machines took it all and it's just on slot machine voucher paper that's gone.
  10. Eric Bentsen

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

    I got started with 100 million. I played the last slot on the right, it seems to be the loosest. I was betting 500K, then when I won up to 150 million, I upped my bet to 750K. I'm trying to keep a 200 to 1 ratio between my balance and my bet size. After I got upgraded to 10 billion, I had to start betting 25M because of the threat of missing out on the huge jackpots. I really only wanted to bet 5M. I even went out on a limb to win a 1B slot pull by betting 75M. Since I hadn't activated my account by e-mail the 4B win I got wasn't registered until the moment I activated my account online. Now I have 100B, and if I finish Level III I'll get 250B more, but in the meantime I'm betting 50M-100M.
  11. Texasman1992

    Help I need raja

    Sry for the small talk I just need help trying to understand how to survive but when you lose everything you just want to cry and die a tiny pointless life, goodbye cruel world.
  12. Texasman1992

    I'm sorry please unban me

    I didn't know I could use this device to sell phones I will never do it again I didn't read the agreement.
  13. Thomas79s

    Green Bay WI

    Who lives near here
  14. Monty

    New Games

    it updates once in a while and u have to be chosen to do the beta versions.
  15. Earlier
  16. Anjoestore83

    New Games

    I saw RAJA playing deffirent games. How do I download such those games. I only have 3 games on my lists.
  17. FlipDipNoTip

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

    Great welcome
  18. IZZY45

    Big Jackpot Family

    Best slot family ever
  19. Wall paper jose

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

  20. Wall paper jose

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

    I Be soon in a team
  21. Seeking new members to join Slot channels...Brad Noble Gambles
  22. There is a way to play the app on a budget. If you don’t buy coins or don’t like asking for coins all the time here are some ways to play all day. First join a team. Your team gets team points from your play therefore a lot of teams will help you with coins. Post on the team chat asking there. Second lower your bet. With the new update only the top 20 players get a percent of the tournament win. Playing at a lower bet earns the same line hit amount team points as a huge bet. It is based on hit not amount it was said on a live stream recently . Third players notice who is constantly asking for coins. If you stretch out your play you will have to ask for coins less often. Forth have fun. The App provides hours and hours of fun and opportunity to chat and make friends. So if you are looking to escape life troubles for a few hours it is easy to do on a limited budget. Have Fun and enjoy a great app. Edit it looks like the top 10 not 20 now get a percentage of each tournament
  23. Cynthia - lived everywhere, but gone no where. Hi from IN currently. I am single parent with disabilities that makes going anywhere painful physically. I love slots and watch youtube videos to live frivolously thru those that can go to real casinos. Win huge for me please.
  24. Rmarzolo

    Jake from Cleveland! Hi everyone!

    I'm a former Ohioan too!
  25. This my Betting Tip for the Big Jackpot slot App. I only bet 25 million coins. I use to bet 1Q coins and I always went broke and had to ask for coins. After I asked for Coins I was told this would be the last time. That I would not get anymore coins for now and then I was also told to bet at 25 million coins. I took that advice and ran with it. I'm doing much better playing the Big Jackpot Slot App. I would tell anybody and even new people playing the Big Jackpot Slot App keep your bet low at 25 million coins and if you feel lucky then do a 1q bet but be careful not to over do it with the 1q bet or you will go broke. Let me know how much you bet when you play the Big Jackpot Slot App Thanks and Have fun playing
  26. Monty

    Hi I'm joshua

  27. Vane usa

    Group pull at Turning Stone?

    I'm new here I love it
  28. Ol Pot Farmer

    Hi I'm joshua

    My name is Josh. I'm a 34 year old pot farmer from Oregon and I love to play the wolf machines!!!! And the zeus games!!!!!!
  29. Monty

    My 2nd Biggest, 1st spin

    #BOOM! nice hit!
  30. Inserted $100, first spin on this Wheel of Fortune machine, $15 at Mohegan Sun Pocono. My 2nd largest to date.
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