My U-Spin HandPay Win. Can someone please take it down?

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I posted a (real) win using the APP. I used the dollar sign and posted the picture with the required amount, place, and what game. My handpay win for a $4.50 bet was $1553.90. I entered it that way but the APP used the amount as a whole dollar amount and posted the decimal point after I enter the correct amount the APP is showing a $155390.00 although I would love a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar win it was only a fifteen hundred dollar win. It sounds so small when you say it like that. LOL.  I accepted J-Money's friend request but I am unable to contact him because I am not a supporter. So I deleted all the friends and turned off the friend request tab if I can't talk to them it seems like it is not an added value. I would like to have the win taken down and I can repost it or just forget about it but I feel bad that it is showing that big win when it is not correct. Can anyone help?  Thanks FDnT 

USpinDeluex 001.jpg

USpinDeluex 004.jpg

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