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  1. There is a way to play the app on a budget. If you don’t buy coins or don’t like asking for coins all the time here are some ways to play all day. First join a team. Your team gets team points from your play therefore a lot of teams will help you with coins. Post on the team chat asking there. Second lower your bet. With the new update only the top 20 players get a percent of the tournament win. Playing at a lower bet earns the same line hit amount team points as a huge bet. It is based on hit not amount it was said on a live stream recently . Third players notice who is constantly asking for coins. If you stretch out your play you will have to ask for coins less often. Forth have fun. The App provides hours and hours of fun and opportunity to chat and make friends. So if you are looking to escape life troubles for a few hours it is easy to do on a limited budget. Have Fun and enjoy a great app. Edit it looks like the top 10 not 20 now get a percentage of each tournament
  2. FlipDipNoTip

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

    Great welcome
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    New Beta testers

    I once again got trapped in a loop on the app. Reel 1-2-3-5 were locked. Every time it spins is a win. Reel 4 spun only each time. It was in a loop and didn’t stop. I let it run racking up about 700Q. Coins. I got tired of dismissing the mega win share screen and laid down. When I turned the iPod to portrait it cleared the spins. Here are some snaps of the loop.
  4. FlipDipNoTip

    New Beta testers

    I am a beta tester but there doesn't seem to be a central place to submit glitches and errors. The bad luck Brian pick bonus game on the 777 game. Does not compute the bonus correctly for me when I get a multiplier. 50Trillion X100 multiplier is not 500Trillion Should be 5Quadrillion 5Trillion X100 multiplier is 500Trillion
  5. I posted a (real) win using the APP. I used the dollar sign and posted the picture with the required amount, place, and what game. My handpay win for a $4.50 bet was $1553.90. I entered it that way but the APP used the amount as a whole dollar amount and posted the decimal point after I enter the correct amount the APP is showing a $155390.00 although I would love a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar win it was only a fifteen hundred dollar win. It sounds so small when you say it like that. LOL. I accepted J-Money's friend request but I am unable to contact him because I am not a supporter. So I deleted all the friends and turned off the friend request tab if I can't talk to them it seems like it is not an added value. I would like to have the win taken down and I can repost it or just forget about it but I feel bad that it is showing that big win when it is not correct. Can anyone help? Thanks FDnT
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    Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

    What was your last hand pay jackpot, where was it? Congratulations and welcome.
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    Bonus issues

    Jenee see here for the work around until the app update is approved. See here for temporary fix for freezing issue during free spins.
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    i can login the game why

    Good for you being able to log into the App. Enjoy it lots of fun!.
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    Free spin loss

    Scottay, make sure you are logged in before you take your free spin. If you turn on the app and you are not logged in then log in first and then spin. Once you spin then log in there in theory 2 accounts one anonymous and one logged in as Scottay. If you did that then log out of your account again and the 2 billion spins might just be waiting for you in your memory. Worth a try anyway. Once they approve the slot app update I can send you 2 billion of mine if you don't see them. FDnT
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    $100,000 Mega Contest - 100 Spins at $1,000 a Spin

    $85,000 The Big
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    Blocked from chatting

    Well his original posting above was from May 22nd when he said he wasn't chatting and the video that was from was June 4th where he is clearly chatting. So I would say he is chatting. I don't get it. The chat moves so fast anyway it is lucky if your comment is even seen.
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    Blocked from chatting

    This was cut and pasted from that video on Raja Slots after you said you don't use caps with you using caps and you saying you can't chat with you chatting. That being said you are chatting because this is your comment from that video. You can go back and watch a live video with the chat. It is there. You were (and are) chatting. Honest.
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    Blocked from chatting

    R Law Smash the THUMBS UP Yeah that lasted long. From 🔴 People Want Answers and Tonight We Will Share Them 🔴
  14. I want to go to Las Vegas to watch the 100,000 subscriber special! I heard that The Big Jackpot will be doing 100 - $1,000 spins. This has the recipe to be the biggest live jackpot on YouTube. I want to be there to watch history being made. I can't wait.
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    Blocked from chatting

    Being on blast in all bold caps might be a clue. Mostly you probably can answer that question yourself. The BigJackpot likes to keep his channel family friendly. Fbombs, rude comments, cursing, bullying are a few reasons why. If you can't chat it is only a time out. If you were totally blocked likely you know why.
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    NCL cruise

    Thank You. With the new tax law this year the optional withholding was changed from 25% to 24%. You can take all cash and elect to pay if you owe when you file that tax year 1040 to the IRS (anyone who keeps good records and/or uses a tracking card mostly takes the cash and files next year who lives in the US) Most people will lose more than they win. How does a Canadian Citizen work? Do you file a tax return as a Canadian citizen and claim the 30% tax back? Googling Canadians winning in the USA seems to be all over the map on the subject.
  17. FlipDipNoTip

    NCL cruise

    Refzz, Can you please tell me how they handle a handpay on a cruise? Do they write a W2G like land based USA casino would do? Do they automatically withhold the optional 24% of a handpay and send it to the IRS ?
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    ## Offer Expired ##

    As a rated player at my home casino, Aquarius in Laughlin Nevada has sent me 4 (four) 2 FREE night stay coupons valid any 2 days in June, June 1-30 2018. I have no use for them since I live here. They are sent to rated players to give them away. If you want a 2 FREE night coupon it is yours. Let me know if you want them. I have 4 to give away. Take Care. John ## Offer Expired ##
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    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

  20. FlipDipNoTip

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    52 Jackpots $25.100 largest jackpot $107,550 in total jackpot wins. The Big
  21. FlipDipNoTip

    Jackpot Totals ?

    Jackpot totals subject is a moot one now as of this date as the contest is over.
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    Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY

    $12,345.00 The Big
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    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #23 for $2,300 Cash or a Free Cruise!

    $12,345.00 The Big
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    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #22 for $2,200 Cash or Free Cruise!

    $12,345.00 The Big