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    Almost all sports, specifically hockey and soccer. Aviation is a wonderful thing. Vegas: VP, slots, BJ. Foooooooood - yes I think Taco Bell is delicious too lol. Canadian blended whisky: Have all sorts of Crown Royal dating back to the Waterloo Distillery. If you come across Cask 16, give me a shout!
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    Pharaoh's Fortune

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  1. HughesBlake

    Vegas Wedding Contest!

    14 Jackpots $57,889 in total wins
  2. HughesBlake

    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #7 for $700 Cash

    $6274 BOOM BOOM BOOM in T's room
  3. HughesBlake

    Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    Cleopatra II Extra Draw Frenzy, $1, 5play, Double Double Bonus ($30/hand) Video Poker $25/credit Double Double Bonus Video Poker ($125/hand)
  4. HughesBlake

    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    1 - $7734.00 2 - 6 3 - Turtle Treasure
  5. HughesBlake

    Hello From Belgium!

    Hopefully you'll be able to post a BOOM from Holland!
  6. HughesBlake


    Love playing hockey. Play 3-4 times per week at varying levels here in the Chicagoland area. Season ticket holder to the Chicago Blackhawks and The Vegas Golden Knights. Let me know if you need some seats! They are both row 1 (not glass - first balcony). Have a thing for aviation as well. Love flying/planes/anything aviation.
  7. Would love to see a limited session of $10/credit, 10play, Ultimate X (or super times pay) double double bonus Video Poker
  8. HughesBlake

    $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 8/26 - $8,537Sun 8/27 - $43,920Mon 8/28 - $16,180Tue 8/29 - $9,232Wed 8/30 - $21,510Overall - $83,225
  9. HughesBlake

    Hello from girl from Oz

    Welcome on board! Great people here and only getting better.
  10. HughesBlake

    How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    I think Joe has asked my question in 2 different ways. In any case: "Do they issue a Volatility Index that the casinos can custom order or do they directly set a particular game's volatility and they are ordered that way?"
  11. HughesBlake

    $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

  12. HughesBlake

    What Slots to Play at The Omni Casino

    Looking for White King right off the bat?
  13. HughesBlake

    Omni Casino Giveaway!

    1 - $7,395.66 2 - 07:453 - White King