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  1. Jackie Kim

    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    I hope i'm not to late to reply but I'm guessing 1. Largest will be $17,300.00 2. He will get 14 Jackpots 3. He will play 88 fortunes first
  2. Jackie Kim

    Hello from girl from Oz

    Thank you HoosierSlots. I'll be watching
  3. Jackie Kim

    Hello from girl from Oz

    Hello all, My name is Jackie and i'm 29 yrs old from Melbourne, Australia. I'm a huge fan, and really enjoy the big jackpot youtube channel. I gamble every week for fun either at the crown casino or local taverns. My favourite slot machine is (Big Red). I do have a youtube account called Jackie Kim however i haven't posted any video's. (yet) Cant wait to set up an omni casino account soon. I really hope the big jackpot comes down under to Australia. Best wishes to everyone and good luck to all