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  1. Slot Shark Dan

    Worst Comps, Rewards and Promotions

    Casino’s tighten the comps when the money gets tight for a casino. Could be for many reasons, poor economy, poor management, or a change in ownership. But it appears that most players never return back with the same loyalty. While I’m sure the casino’s save a lot initially, In the long term the property losses are compounded by the reduction of play overtime. Not worth the risk I’m my opinion. It’s a hard cost, comps, just like paying the power bill or water bill. Keep the players happy and they will reward you with their play because those same players are going to play somewhere.... if not at your property where you have chosen to reduce comps.... then to your competition across the street where they develop a new relationship and never return back.
  2. Slot Shark Dan

    Tee Winn Slot Channel!

    Love your channel T!! You have some really nice wins posted! Everyone please check out T Winn Slots!!
  3. Slot Shark Dan

    Check out Holly Does Slots

    Everyone check out Holly’s Channel!!! She goes live often from casino’s in Southern California!!! Awesome to watch!
  4. Slot Shark Dan

    195 free spins on Bier Haus 200

    Yeah not bad really.
  5. Slot Shark Dan

    Biloxi Huge Jackpot Beau Rivage May 2018

    Awesome Jackpot!
  6. Slot Shark Dan

    The Big Jackpot at Your Casino???

    Is that near the Kentucky border with Ohio?
  7. Slot Shark Dan

    Favorite game to watch Raja play

    Airplane!!! Love that game...
  8. Slot Shark Dan

    The Big Jackpot Channel taken down by YouTube!

    The process is working faster now then before for restoring the channel. It’s still a aggravating issue. Hopefully the YouTube filters are getting smarter and won’t be interfering with normal channel operations as often. But until then we need to show patience and support for TBJ.
  9. Slot Shark Dan

    The Slot Sharks Channel!!!

    Hoping I can repeat on the next cruise!
  10. Slot Shark Dan

    Lightning in a bottle

    Wow!!! It can happen!
  11. Slot Shark Dan


    Mega Boom!!!
  12. Slot Shark Dan

    Sweet old school Wild Taxi Jackpot!

    Very nice throw back game!!! Congratulations!
  13. Slot Shark Dan

    Buffalo Gold 15 Heads!!

    Nice hit Sanders!
  14. Slot Shark Dan

    Eureka Lock it Link GRAND!!!

    Just a short stop at my local resulted in a very rare GRAND being awarded on Eureka!!! Surprised me!! The Slot Sharks first GRAND progressive hit!!!