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Found 9 results

  1. SoCal Players

    I want to do a Raja is my Homeboy Fan Club meet and greet. We might not be able to get Scott or the crew down here often but I think if we can get enough people, the Raja and crew can facetime us to say hi. Too many casinos down here to chose from...But I was wondering who might be interested as I can go to my local (Barona) to get a private area booked for us. Also, see about setting up a NYE The BigJackpot Fan Club Party....what do you think???
  2. Lost lost lost

    I just returned from The Beau Rivage in Biloxi. Well it was an amazing trip...the company, the food and the champagne was dynamite...but the gambling was awful..I never got close to a hand pay and never got in the range of a bonus was a joke after a while as my son called me Mama no coin!!! Terrible... played lock it link, Buffalo ( several versions), walking dead, willie Wonka, wolf run, they did not have a blown up version of Cleo,or diamond of video poker yielded nothing either. Maybe one or two four of a kind regular (5.00) a push.. this was by far the most disappointing trip.. even the High Limit room had old machines as did the floor..they need to update...went to Golden Nugget and lost there as well..until I sat at bar and played video poker straight flush for 250.00 and dealt sixes for 250.00. Then cold cold cold...glad I am going out to Colorado to win some of my money back...this would be called paying it backward!!!!!
  3. Wish Me Luck

    Wish me luck! I am off to gamble on Friday 18th at the Beau in Biloxi until Monday.. if you are interested in a meet up write me at my interested in hooking up with The Big Jackpot' s luck with us... Hope,to see you there 💋💣Bling Boom Beverly
  4. Hi. I'm Loving The Beach & Living My Dreams. I'm Seeking Friends. I Have A Facebook Group To Meet Up With Like Minded Fun Seekers In Florida: South Florida Gambling & Casinos
  5. So I'm starting this topics in hopes the raja or brian sees it and maybe take my advice into consideration. You guys need better titles during live streams. Need to start adding key words so people who search youtube have a better chance of finding your channel. Stuff like high limit should always be in the title. I noticed when hugh Hefner was on his name wasn't mentioned in the title. If His name was and someone searched his name on youtube your channel would likely show up in the search results. Title and thumbnail 2 biggest things that get somebody to watch your videos. Anyone else agree or disagree with me or even have something to add.
  6. Slot players from MN Minneapolis

    Hey All I'll be flying over to the great U.S.A And wanted to know if anyone played the slot machines in Minneapolis and had a preferred Casino? and maybe might want to a group pull or tag along when hitting the slots? Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Just curious as who plays at foxwoods a lot? And hope to see everyone the 27th/28th July!!
  8. How many people want to see my battle Brian of Denver in a slot challenge? If you do want to see it what machine would you want to see us battle it out on?
  9. So as everyone knows my favorite machine to play is the Black Widow. I really enjoy it for the web feature during the bonus rounds as well as the #minibooms it offers frequently just below the hand pay level of $1125 when playing at $75 a spin. Also you can build it up quickly for $3000 to $6000 and avoid hand pay issues at all so is like a decent size hand pay if cash out when it peaks.