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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    Tips to Slotting

    Ok...I wanted to start a conversation about tips for slotting. Here, if you find anything that can help others than please share it. 1. If you usually play .60 on a machine try 1.20 (x2 on the bet). I know it seems like you will burn thru your money quick but if you are playing to win (and not just be there for time) then try upping your bet. 2. Always play with your players card. No matter the amount you spend, using your players card will help with getting freebies and comps from the casino!!
  2. Guest

    SoCal Players

    I want to do a Raja is my Homeboy Fan Club meet and greet. We might not be able to get Scott or the crew down here often but I think if we can get enough people, the Raja and crew can facetime us to say hi. Too many casinos down here to chose from...But I was wondering who might be interested as I can go to my local (Barona) to get a private area booked for us. Also, see about setting up a NYE The BigJackpot Fan Club Party....what do you think???
  3. Jeff Patterson

    Met The Raja Las Vegas Group Pull

    Las Vegas Sunday August 27th The Cosmo $14,000 Group Pull. Traveled to Las Vegas and met Scott, Brian, Tee, Jeremy, & Kelly. All were very friendly down to earth people with "Class". I watched The Big Jackpot behind the scenes during this event and they really had it together. They clearly work very hard to bring you these live big events. Thank you Scott & Crew for a really great Live You Tube Experience ? ??
  4. The Raja

    Next Live Play

    So everyone guess when you think the next live play will take place? Curious when you will all pick. Date and time include in your pick