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    NCL cruise

    Only US residents are still subject to US withholding rules on cruises. Withholding rules are ok. For me, I collect them and submit them at the end of the year. Kinda nice actually since I typically can't walk away so eventually I get a nice lump sum.
  2. Refzz

    NCL cruise

    I just wanted to say thanks again to Scott and Brian for the cruise. It was a great way to spend a week. I also wanted to say thanks to all the fellow Cruisers who were all so nice. It was great to meet The Slot Sharks and their spouses. They are really good people and I'm glad they got their share of booms on the trip. So, in the end there were like 50+ people on the boat who were associated with TBJ? Next time it should be 500 if Brian can tolerate all the bookings!! It was truly a great experience. There was no scam, no hidden gimmicks or charges. The free cruise was real, the boat was real, the fellow cruisers were amazing...etc... I will for sure be attending the next one!! Thanks! I know you are looking forward to being the #1 slot channel soon. Subscriber count is one thing. In every other way you are already #1.
  3. Refzz

    NCL cruise

    Well sadly, as a Canuck I didn't get to experience this firsthand as my 2 biggest wins were just under $1200. I did pay tax 5 times on hand pays though in the days leading up to departure at Florida and Atlantic City casinos. The USA residents are subject to USA taxation laws and can either pay on the ship or take the winnings and report them later. Everybody chose to take the cash so I am not sure what the hold back percentage would have been. I know for me, Caesars held back 30% federally and 3% state tax. 24% sounds much better.
  4. Refzz

    Stotfest East

    I attended my first live TBJ event at Foxwoods this past weekend. If you ever find yourself on the fence about going...GO! It was run incredibly well and everybody had a fantastic experience. What struck me the most was how much work had to go into this event. Who knew that having so much fun was so much work? When I go to an event like this, I feel guilty taking up their time even just to say thank you as I know how many directions they are going in trying to get everything done so if I forgot to say thank you I will do it here. Now we all know about Scott and Brian and Tee but behind the scenes they do way more then you may think and for the helpers behind the scenes, all I can say is WOW!..They deserve a huge thank you. Thank you to J Money, Lightning Joe, Kelly, Juicy and others. There were more and It was such a blur I forget all the names and I apologize for that, but Thank you all! Foxwoods also did a tremendous job. Scott had negotiated something like 100 free rooms for the attendees. WOW!!! The casino staff were also amazing and well organized to handle the slot tournament and have the machines reserved and ready for the group pulls. Finally, the attendees were amazing people. Everybody was so nice and positive It was really a pleasure to meet people. I kinda knew they would be but it's still nice to confirm that. TBJ has great fans. I was looking forward to the cruise but even more so now. Thanks again!
  5. Refzz

    Albuquerque Jackpots

    Nice. Congrats and yes, post more pics. Nice to see proof somebody is winning!
  6. Refzz

    Random Big booms

    Sweet hits! I went to the casino last night and went to the Lightning Link games only to see them all gathered around as someone had just hit the Grand so I moved on. 30 to 45 min later the Grand payed out again for only about $40 more than the minimum reset but still, I'll take $15,000 any day. Wish I had of played. I guess it is true that they can pay back to back. That bank of machines can go a month without hitting.
  7. Refzz

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    16 jackpots Largest $8650 total $43625
  8. Refzz

    Butterfly Kiss Boom Boom

    On a 50 cent bet still or had you upped it? Either way that is big. I got $320 on a cocoon last week and thought that was ok.
  9. Refzz


    Well..good luck with that. If it was true, casinos would have to respond by closing the loophole. I would treat that secret like the formula for Coke or KFC spices.Just saying...
  10. Refzz


    Ah, another "secret" winning system. Card counting will get you banned. Everything else doesn't work.
  11. Refzz


    Sweet. What an Epic night. Now Pay off every loan, bill etc and Never take it all back with you. trust me.....
  12. Refzz

    2017 Handpays!

    Sweet. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Refzz

    Tips to Slotting

    I agree, Your first comment is only one thing that I can think of that should be considered. What would you have to win to be satisfied and leave up? I know so many people that will take $100 to a casino and play for $0.60 a spin. At that amount it is very rare to get a handpay and depending on the machine, it may not be possible. So, they wonder why they aren't "lucky". They never win enough to leave so they play until they are broke by using the strategy of spending the least to allow them to play the longest. I think you need to walk in there and be prepared to leave 5 minutes later. Don't be afraid to go broke. You are going to go broke anyway, you may as well give yourself a chance to win. Play $3.00 or $5.00 and you will eventually, maybe sooner rather than later get your first handpay. You will win $200 to $500 fairly frequently and depending on your walk away plan, leave up. All you need to do is be prepared to play for a shorter period of time. Everything else in a casino is a complete crapshoot. There is no secret. I have had colossal marathon nights starting with $45 and I have had 30 minute visits and back in the car $10,000 lighter. There is no rhyme or reason for what the machines will do on any given night.
  14. Refzz

    A Christmas Miracle

    Went to the local casino with $500. Here are some shots of my ridiculous night including the GRAND jackpot. I got my first handpay 5 minutes after parking the car and the colossal night had begun! I snapped the pic of the 4 rows of wilds too early. That was just north of $1100 on that hit.