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How clean is that slot

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If you’re concerned about germs on the machines (and you should be) and contracting a deadly disease, you should do the following:

- Before playing a slot machine, wipe the controls, as well as any surface you’ll be touching with a disposable, sanitizing cloth. You can get the small travel size from either a drug store or grocery store

- Carry a small bottle of anti-bacterial lotion.  Put it on your hands, after wiping the machine down with your disposable sanitizing cloth

And there you have it folks.  Nothings better than carefree slot play, where you don’t have to worry about taking home anything, except all that cash you’re going to win!


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I usually hit the casinos at the crack of dawn and there is always a crew going around wiping down all of the machines. I still go through gallons of the complimentary sanitizer and try not to touch face. Casinos have to rank right up there with hospitals in the high contagion category !

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