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  1. The Big Jackpot

    Fake players

    Hello Paul, Thanks for reaching out over this issue. This is something we are currently working to resolve. If you have request or want to provide more information on this matte please send an email to
  2. I would like to be a beta tester, but my iPad can’t get my google account attached to this device. It says that I have to download the play store. I can’t on my iPad. Help me please.

  3. The Big Jackpot

    Slot app suggestions.

    Thanks for the feedback
  4. The Big Jackpot

    My U-Spin HandPay Win. Can someone please take it down?

    This was fixed and it now shows the correct amount. Thanks for Posting
  5. The Big Jackpot

    Invite to Your Casino

    Tee would love to try the water jets
  6. The Big Jackpot

    Top gammer badge

    The Top Gamer badge can be earned if you are within the Top 50 gamers in the app. If you fall below that level then you must earn the badge again
  7. The Big Jackpot


    keep playing - you could hit one at anytime
  8. The Big Jackpot

    Can't get my bomb squad badge

    we will look into why your badges are not being attached to your account
  9. The Big Jackpot


    Thank You for the feedback - we will look into all issues
  10. The Big Jackpot


    Thanks for the feedback - we will add it to the list of fixes
  11. The Big Jackpot

    Sent coin not recieved

    Sure - what is your friends Display Name?
  12. The Big Jackpot

    Beta vs non beta play

    Beta Testing will be going on for up to three weeks. Tournaments are only available to Beta Testers Drew and Anil - if you are on Android you can scroll to the bottom of the app listing in the Google Play App Store and request to become a beta tester
  13. The Big Jackpot

    Beta chat and messaging

    Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and working on a fix. Beta bugs may take some time to fix and we thank you for your patience. Cheers, The Big Jackpot
  14. The Big Jackpot

    Lost Credits

    Hello Herbert, WOW That is a lot of Spins to save up. We are sorry that the app crashed as it is going through some updates. Were you able to take a screen shot of this? Thanks for letting us know as we have not encountered someone trying to collect so many spins at one time. Let us know when you re-download the app and we can help replace some of your lost coins Thanks, The Big Jackpot