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  1. Dime Stan

    Tonight's Giveaway - BBQ Set

  2. Dime Stan

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    And if i may add u need to get some of ur girls u have working for u in the night club to play with them on slots
  3. Dime Stan

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    I would like to see raja See more stuff offered at casinos out side of gambling. Food, pools, spas shopping this i think it will be very intresting i would like to see too More in the daily life of me Mr Brain and T Group pull this will be hell of a fun to watch And i would like to see before u going into casino like maybe 10 -15 m drive till u get there i think is beutifull place to watch as u going with a car and u can update us on some new stuff
  4. Dime Stan

    Next Live Play

    The next live will be Wednesday 4pm Colrado Time u will play slot tournament at The Lodge casino
  5. Dime Stan

    Drive Before Going live

    I create this topic to see how much people want to see Raja drive in his car before going live bicause it has beautiful landscapes on the road i enjoyed watching him while he was in the lambo
  6. hello my name is Dime Stan im 20 years old i watch raja evry time he goes live and enjoy every time he goes live such a positive guy keep up good work