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  1. Blue Rosebuds

    Hello from SW of DFW

    Back. PM coming...
  2. Blue Rosebuds

    The Big Jackpot at Your Casino???

    Will work on it in the morning. I talk to a few of the employees I have got to know over the years, hopefully they will put us on the track to greatness!
  3. Blue Rosebuds

    Hello from SW of DFW

    Heading to Winstar bright and early in the morning. If you have never been, the place is huge, about a mile walk from hotel on one end to bingo on the other with slots all along the way. I don't hang out in the high roller areas but they do have them. If you would like to PM me your contact info, rest assured we will do our best to put you in touch with management. Maybe you have a pitch or some words of advice to help us get your foot in the door? Enjoy the cruise as we will the live stream, Ron & Becky
  4. Blue Rosebuds

    The Big Jackpot at Your Casino???

    Yup. Winstar! I thought I heard you were coming? If not I can ask casino for an invite. They are under new management and things are really improving. Number 1 improvement: No more of that same damn crappy music that has been playing on a loop for the last 10 years straight!!!!! Smoke free area with a couple hundred games... New manager really seems to be receptive to player input and ideas, so let me know...
  5. Blue Rosebuds

    How clean is that slot

    I usually hit the casinos at the crack of dawn and there is always a crew going around wiping down all of the machines. I still go through gallons of the complimentary sanitizer and try not to touch face. Casinos have to rank right up there with hospitals in the high contagion category !
  6. Blue Rosebuds

    Hello from SW of DFW

    Ron and Becky saying hello to all. We are small fish but travel to Winstar almost every weekend. Prefer to play early before crowds and smoke become overwhelming but sometimes stay the night. We move around to all the machines but always get sucked in by Aimsworth and Lock Link among many others... Hope to see any of you at the largest casino in the world some time soon!