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  1. Kyle

    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    $3,000 but would gladly lose the polo to see a bigger hit
  2. Kyle

    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    Pretty smart.
  3. Kyle

    Favorite machine to play and why

    Monster Jackpots (Hence my avatar) is my favorite slot machine.
  4. Kyle

    Can somebody explain payouts to me?

    Play jacks or better vp some time and then play triple double vp sometime ... huge jackpots on the later but you are losing at a very high rate until they come ... the jacks or better game is lower fluctuation but you are limited to a royal flush (every 40,000 hands or so) to win big. Both games could potentially be within a few tenths of a percent of return within eachother but one has huge short term risk vs reward when compared to the other. 9-6 jacks or better is something like 99.6% return with optimal play (They have high limit versions at Cosmo for instance) and if you couple the card and other benefits that Scott might get playing it, you could probably get near breakeven with playing it .. but it is a pretty steady decline until that royal pops in there.
  5. Kyle

    Can somebody explain payouts to me?

    In the case of Scott, his choices are limited in Colorado. Nicholas S makes great points as well. I actually think this is why Scott likes Black Widow so much .. the fluctuation is smaller and when he wants to go out and play, and play at a denomination that is still interesting for someone of his wealth, he doesn't want to lose $20k in quick order and then go home,,,, you want some play time, So the black widow game for instance, is a game where he rarely seems to get totally destroyed and also rarely just destroys the game. It is a lower fluctuation game. You play wicked winnings where you can win 6 figures on a hit ... well that means you can lose a lot of money while trying to get it. I think there is a jackpot on Widow for all wilds too, though I have never seen anyone hit it.
  6. Kyle

    What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"

    This is easy for me. No one ... ever .... has live streamed this level of play. I repeat... no one has ever done what he is doing, in the history of planet earth as far as getting live coverage of high limit slot action several times a week. There are other channels where you see five minute snippets of their bonus round or they do the setup of walking up to a machine and pulling it while it hits (you don't see the 68 times it whiffed). That is all fine and dandy but to see real, live action is what I find most appealing. And I find scott rather likable which means I can cheer for him even more than I cheer for most gamblers (I cheer against the casino, it is what it is). He doesn't shy away from showing his losing sessions because they happen live and he is very good natured even when losing. You just don't get that with any other channel on youtube and that is what I find appealing. I like Brian from Denver and T, but I am with Cynthiao in that I am not a fan of the guest trend lately. Not that I dislike the guests, just not what I am tuning in for, personally.. You don't need to spice it up, we liked what was being cooked. Also, I travel quite a bit as a financial healthcare consultant and it makes boring nights in a courtyard marriott somewhere much more bearable. When I am sitting there watching a news channel and my bell goes off letting me know Scott is playing, I smile and turn off the tv.
  7. Kyle

    Best Vegas casino

    For slots that is somewhat hard to know for sure but there are certain casinos that give back more than others .. if you give a good play at the Cosmo or the Lucky Dragon, you can expect a decent mailer with free play. If you play at the Stations properties you can expect to lose and not receive much afterwards. But I am not sure which casinos have the best slot return percentages. I am guessing the local casinos have higher rates of return than the strip joints but I could never be certain that is the case.
  8. Kyle


    My favorite was when the security guy came up and went through the whole "You can't film here" (not exact words) routine and at the end Scott asked him if he wanted a deck of cards. That had me rolling with laughter. My other favorite was when Raja was playing and someone asked him if he tips every jackpot and he said if you tip every jackpot, you will go broke. Then the next video I clicked on was Raja playing at $600 a pull. It just made me smile because as someone who is casinos a lot and tips most of the time but not every single time, it is nice to know I am not alone. None of those folks come by as I am walking out of the casino with my tail between my legs and a moth in my wallet and offered me a $20 bill. I realize they live on the tips and it is the proper etiquette to tip but it frustrates me when I leave a casino having lost $600 and I tipped $20 three times ....
  9. Kyle

    Vegas Trips

    The old Barbary Coast. A little bit more upscale now, Should be a good time and best of luck in the tournament. Maybe we can meet up if I am in town at the same time and our schedules match up.
  10. Kyle

    Tahoe/Reno 60's baby

    Hi Donna.
  11. Station Casinos has done me wrong for a decade plus.
  12. Kyle

    Monster Mansion

    I would like to see Monster Jackpots live. It is a really fun game. I don't care what denomination. It is not a very common machine though ... so might not find it most places. It has a lot of bonuses .... Big Bonus is the monster mansion bonus where you hunt the monsters in the game (Creature of the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, The invisible man and Wolfman. You get free spins and during those free spins if a wild appears you take an axe to a window. If the key is behind the window, you get to advance to the next level of the mansion and are awarded some additional free spins. If you get a special colored wild, you clear all the windows on your level. In addition to the key, some of the windows have monsters with credit awards for capturing them. It's really fun and I won't spoil the ending if you reach the top of the mansion. Another Bonus which I call the "Get ready for the shock of your life" bonus, loads the game with wilds for one big spin where you often get huge hits. Each monster has its own bonus that appears randomly as well. Game is so much fun.
  13. Kyle

    Favorite game to watch Raja play

    I have enjoyed Black Widow the most.
  14. Kyle

    Vegas Trips

    I live out in Las Vegas. Maybe we should start planning a large group gathering a few months down the line and try to get as many of us there as possible. Maybe do a group pull or something. I travel a ton during the weekdays but am usually in town on the weekends.