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Found 2 results

  1. Worst loss I ever experienced in my life twice came at the hands of The Luxor casino HL room. It must be set to like 0% because they gobble up money quicker than a fat kid loves cake. Trust me I was a fat kid who loved cake. :)
  2. This is the tale of the "One More" My battle cry #SoClose On minimal investments I've had very fortunate luck on the Wicked Winning Series by Aristocrat Gaming. As a casino employee I've witnessed the power of take and give. It's not named Wicked for no reason. I've had the Illusive 3 rows full of ladies show up, with 3 ravens on the front and missing the 5th reel on Wicked II , also had the 1-4th reel ravens a few times on the newer Wicked 4 with rows of chics. . It's always an amazing exciting event to see a full screen of ladies on that game. They removed Wicked 4 from a lot of casinos around me (I think because it actually paid people) But one day I will conquer the Raven and reach the Ultimate payout of 5 of a kind. Until then I scream #OneMore #SoClose #BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMSQQQQQQQUUUUUAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD