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    HoosierSlots got a reaction from Slot Shark Dan in How clean is that slot   
    They clean them slightly at night. In the Us nowadays they have free wipes at grocery stores for carts. Deffinately should be some for casino.
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Britt in Hi from Illinois   
    Hey Guys,
    My name is Brittany and I live in Illinois. I currently work as an Operations Executive role for a large retail chain's distribution center. I also attend school full time as well. In my spare time I enjoy gambling and binge watching youtube videos. =)
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Kelli Rauch in Hi from Cincinnati   
    Hello!! I am a quality analyst with a company in dayton, Ohio I have 2 grown children one who’s a mechanical engineer and the other still in college studying IT. I am a widow my husband passed in 2015 and started going to the casino to get away from all the stress. Now I go about once a week (free play) . I enjoy watching the big jackpot because it’s fun to watch different machines. Boom boom boom ? 

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    HoosierSlots reacted to Rodney in Rodney   
    i am from Bristol Ct 
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Lionhoundlady in Hi   
    New here. From tn. Avid slot player and rhodesian ridgeback owner.
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Monty in Hanging out in Vermont   
    Welcome Jeff! 
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    HoosierSlots reacted to JeffreyTheDotard in Hanging out in Vermont   
    Just a Hard working Vermont guy who enjoys watching the Raja play the high denoms when I'm chillin out.. Man, If I could roll like him! I do goto Foxwoods every month or so to get my fix, I'm quite thankful its a four hour ride to Conn. or I would always be there! 
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    HoosierSlots got a reaction from Ajracine in Green Bay   
    HI Ajracine,
    Welcome to Won.com. Bet your freezing up in Wisconsin right now! Make sure to check out the free contest in the forum and subscribe to the Bombsquad!
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    HoosierSlots reacted to SUNSHINE GIRL in Hello From Laughlin !   
    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Mine was in no way cut and pasted from anywhere Mr. Johnny Jackpot.  I have lived here since 1995. And I know every city has concrete and crime.  Sorry that Johnny had a bad experience. But I moved here from California to raise my kids in a healthy environment and love it!
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    HoosierSlots reacted to quickhitsfreakCLE in Shaun from Cleveland   
    Just wanted to say hi! Cleveland hard rock is waiting for you or I will see you in Vegas!
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Marynette Lemrabott in Marynette Lemrabott enjoying life as it comes   
    I’m a house wife who enjoy playing slots.love horror movies,Football go New England Patriots.enjoy quiet time to myself with a glass of wine an my music playing in the background,but in all I’m just a home person who enjoy life one day at a time.
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Ajracine in Green Bay   
    Hey I’m Aaron from Green Bay , WI #goPackGo
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    HoosierSlots reacted to sky wilson in How clean is that slot   
    I love watching people play slots but I've never seen them being cleaned do you not worrie ! 
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    HoosierSlots reacted to sky wilson in FOOD AT YOUR CASINO   
    Never ever come to Manchester in the uk food is not good at all there are no buffets here at all the food was good about 8 years ago but not any more 
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    HoosierSlots reacted to sky wilson in I'm new hello   
    Hi everyone my name is sky Wilson from Manchester in the uk I don't play slots but I love watching others so I just love boom boom x
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    HoosierSlots reacted to FlipDipNoTip in Hello From Laughlin !   
    Hello, I am in Laughlin now. As stated above when the Reno area took off in 2017 the housing market actually got above what most people paid for their real estate for the first time in a long time. My landlord who previously told me he would never sell and wanted me to stay forever or until I died knocked on the door unexpectedly and said he sold and I had to move out. I moved to Laughlin out of Reno for two reasons. The housing expense and the crime. This is won.com and a forum where we all have the same thing in common so I shall dispense with any shade as I think that is not what we are here for. Being a new member I responded to the invitation of introducing yourself and telling something about yourself. I did that explaining why I moved out of Reno after living there for 4 years. Reno PD had a gang unit. Reno has an area behind the Peppermill Hotel and Casino that is dangerous and crime ridden. The downtown area is drug ridden. I was assaulted by a masked man while walking to the 4th street bus station leaving the Silver Legacy Hotel. He lost his nerve but the fact remains he was covered in a mask and approached me.  There were numerous murders including a stabbing that happened outside the door of the Eldorado feet where people were sitting at slot machines.  KTVN TV web page is 80% crime and always has been as long as I can remember. I can't say it is anywhere near as rosy as Sunshine Girl stated but that sounds like it was cut and pasted from the City of Reno website. I am sorry I mentioned something about me but no. Reno is not safe in my book. John
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    HoosierSlots reacted to SUNSHINE GIRL in Hello From Laughlin !   
    Hi HoosierSlots,
    I am not sure what you watched on Netflix but Reno actually has a very low crime rate.  As far as impoverished I believe every town and city have those areas.  They have been working on updating and improving the infrastructure of the city for some time now and it is quite nice.  We have big high tech corporations bringing industry to the area, like Tesla. That of course constitutes a number of other concerns with growth.  The housing industry needs to catch up with the demand as it has currently resulted in the demand driving costs higher. That takes time to turn those things around. And being as gambling is still the primary revenue of the city it brings along the expected problems that go along with it just like other gaming cities.  Our police department is outstanding for controlling issues that arise.  You would find that Reno still has some of the small town feel if you get to know the people as they are very friendly and helpful.  There are many beautiful places to see in Reno and it has some outstanding restaurants. The proximity to year round sports is easily assessable as well. Hopefully if you visit Reno you have an enjoyable visit.  And good luck if you play at the casinos.
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    HoosierSlots reacted to FlipDipNoTip in Hello From Laughlin !   
    Hello From Laughlin Nevada. On the Colorado River at the intersection of California, Arizona, and Nevada. 
    I moved here after almost 4 years in Reno. Reno got Tesla, Switch, Amazon, Walmart in a new industrial and I got a knock on the door from my landlord saying he sold the condo I was renting and get out by the end of the month. Yikes. It got so expensive and there is a lot of crime there so I bailed out. Now I am in the middle of the desert but I stand out here because I am not a drug user. Trade one thing for another I guess. I am only an hour and a half from Las Vegas so I hope to get to a group pull next time the #Raja is there. Thanks for letting me say hello. Take Care, John
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    HoosierSlots reacted to FlipDipNoTip in Hi from Houston   
    Helene you got your wish last night. I am going to watch it again on YouTube tonight for the third time. It gets better each time. I thought nothing was going to beat the San Manuel visit but I think last night $250 Lighting Link beat it. Over $100 thousand in hand pays. Wow. #Boom Take Care John
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Monty in Hi from Houston   
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    HoosierSlots reacted to TALLY in SEASONS GREETINGS   

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    HoosierSlots reacted to irish,al in hi   
    im albert from ireland i love to wacth u play im a major gambler myself 
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Monty in Hi from Ralph Rosema   
    Greetings and welcome to THE BIG JACKPOT!
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    HoosierSlots reacted to Ralph Rosema in Hi from Ralph Rosema   
    Hi Im from London ONT Canada the wife and I watch big jackpot all the time