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  1. N Camico

    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

  2. N Camico

    The Big Jackpot Cruise - NCL Getaway 4/22

    Considering this, but will need an itinerary.
  3. N Camico

    Bitcoin/Crypto Currency

    I took a gamble on Vechain (VEN) and holy smokes it's working out well Sliced off some profits and banked it gladly. I'm keeping my eye on this Tether drama and have built some "bail out" automation if things get rocky.
  4. Whoops, double post
  5. N Camico

    Bitcoin/Crypto Currency

    Actually just got into the game myself. Same exchanges. Currently up a bit and betting heavy on the smaller coins on Binance (TRX, POE, MANA) and watching Ripple hopefully survive this recent spat of selloffs. Also still holding onto a couple whole LTCs now that (hopefully) this correction from last week levels out.
  6. N Camico

    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #11 for $1,100

  7. N Camico

    $900 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #9