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    Favorite game to watch Raja play

    Top Dollar and Everi 3-Reel Games (Crystal Star / Black Diamond / Wild Gems)
  2. N Camico

    Next live stream?

    TBJ's channel just got restored. We back boyz.
  3. N Camico

    The Big Jackpot Channel taken down by YouTube!

    Eh, I trust that Raja and crew will get it straightened out with a YT rep.
  4. N Camico

    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

  5. N Camico

    The Big Jackpot Cruise - NCL Getaway 4/22

    Considering this, but will need an itinerary.
  6. N Camico

    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #11 for $1,100

  7. N Camico

    $900 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #9

  8. N Camico

    Crazy Money is the WORST

    How do people even play this game. $300 at $3 a spin. No line hits over my bet, no bonuses. Barely any two bonus symbol teases. What a rip /venting
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    It's kind of funny when different channels are recording content so close to each other. I think in the TBJ group pull video, you can hear Brian Christopher yell "Line It Up!" too.
  11. N Camico

    Tunica, MS Labor Day weekend.

    Nice hits I'm sitting on a couple of comped stays and some free play at Gold Strike that I need to make use of. May try to head back to Tunica later this year.
  12. N Camico

    $27,000 on $5 bet (not mine)

    Wicked Winnings gonna Wicked Winnings. That game is super volatile.