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    Monty reacted to RVA in First 3 jackpots in a day   
    I went to my near-local casino (Firekeepers in Battle Creek, Michigan) for a slot tournament. Somehow I ended up winning, which came with $10,000 in Red Hot Credits (free play). With the free play I went to the high limit room where I got my first two jackpots of $4900 (don't know machine's name, it's got free games with 7's being worth x2 or something) on a $75 bet, and $2500 on a Pinball machine with a $75 bet. 
    I fiddle farted around for a bit and went back to the main floor and played 3-card poker and ended up with the jackpot of A-K-Q spades for $7k, as shown. 
    Paid off my truck. Had some fun. A lotta fun.

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    Monty reacted to sbushfan111 in I have Suggestion for the Big Jackpot App   
    My Suggestion for the Big Jackpot App is I was wondering if they would add a new coin to the Coin Drop with my name on it it would be worth 111 quadrillion coins. I hope they would add such a coin. that would be awesome if not I gave it a try.  
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    Monty reacted to Slotbabe in My biggest win!!!!   
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    Monty reacted to BeeHive in Baller on a budget youtube channel   
    Howdy Ya'll! My name is Ross Bybee. I recently won the "Grand" on a high limit lightning link slot machine for $65k. I decided to put most of the money away but figured i would take $20k and try to be a regular high roller for a while. I started a $5k to $100k challenge to see if I can get lucky. So far we have hundreds of hours of high limit play we will be releasing regularly.

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    Monty reacted to BeeHive in Howdy Im Ross from Texas   
    I recently met Raja at Winstar Casino and learned about this place. Ive been youtubing for about 4 years and recently found out that some casinos allow LiveStreaming so Im trying to find out which casinos allow it and go visit them
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    Monty reacted to BeeHive in Tulsa area   
    I drive thru there often and goto Hard Rock a few times a year for the poker tournaments. Im down to do a group pull
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    Monty got a reaction from Duder in Hi everyone I'm Duder   
    Hi Duder, welcome
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    Monty reacted to Duder in Hi everyone I'm Duder   
    I love this game haven't been having luck lately but it will pick up
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    Monty reacted to MsPiggee in I'm Ms.Piggee from Arkansas   
    I gamble at Choctaw and Cherokee casinos in Oklahoma.
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    Monty reacted to D|93 in 2 cents🙃   
    Hey all, I'll start this out by starting the obvious, the app is a great time killer, so much better then the other slot apps, and innovative incorporation of team building, socializing, leveling etc, just a few suggestions I stumbled across while playing the app. The push notifications are great easy way to see when you got your spin etc, and most importantly, when a new member has joined your team. When you double click the push notification it just leads you to your teams entire members list instead of linking you to that players profile in case you wanted to send a welcome message or make it rain with coins etc. Another suggestion I ran across was the obvious, more slot rooms, the current setup is fantastic, slot ladies for #spins+multipliers, and the main room for the increased reel play bonuses, but I feel many more can be added that mimic the real slots, ex: lightning link, fortune88, pharohs fortune, Cleo, fireball, etc and make these slot rooms level restricted thus increasing the bet amount for these rooms 30-40 2q, 40-50 5q, 50-60 10q etc, it would mimic a "high limit room" in an actual casino. Not much more I can think of, highly addictive game, I've played many slot apps and this one is so unique to the rest, and well, the one and only 1000$ a spin big dawg raja forged it, happy spining y'all!
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    Monty reacted to Brad Noble in New Games   
    Hey Big Jackpot Crew: Raja and programmers:
    How can we add more games? How about more casino games online...
    It’s so hard to break the top 5 on any games! Even betting 250 Trillion to 500 trillion...
    Would like to see some games like Quick Hits, and other slots!
    Thank you for reading,
    Brad Noble
    Proud member of “The Shadow Team”
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    Monty reacted to Happy lantern in My biggest Jackpot!!!   
    Not exactly a handpay but I gots the minor!!!! This is the biggest I won this January 2019! 

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    Monty reacted to sbushfan111 in Hello   
    Welcome to the Forum Brocky05 
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    Monty reacted to sbushfan111 in Multipliers   
    They have now add to the Big Jackpot App when you look at your profile on the app you will now see when a multiplier runs out 
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    Monty reacted to Brocky05 in Hello   
    Gday from down under boom boom boom
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    Monty reacted to SandersSlots1 in My biggest Jackpot!!!   
    Won the Grand Progressive on 5 Dragons Sapphire Edition on January 8th, 2019

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    Monty got a reaction from Nicholas S. in A Measure of How Effective You Were on a Winning Day   
    I know anytime I go its a gamble, so I don't figure in the math.  It's all play money for me 1-2k a visit.  If I leave with zero, it was intended lol
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    Monty reacted to Nicholas S. in A Measure of How Effective You Were on a Winning Day   
    At the risk of boring some of the readers, I would like to update my previous comment.  On my casino visit last weekend, I was able to surpass my own record.  With an average bet size of $5 per spin, the total amount of substantial payouts was again about $6,000 (including one handpay).  However, this time my wife and I came out ahead by $2,400.  So the effectiveness was 40%.
    As I mentioned earlier, it's very difficult to reach such a high percentage.  Of course there are some exceptions where a much higher percentage can be achieved, such as winning the progressive Grand.  One such example can be found on another thread in this section by Refzz entitled "A Christmas Miracle" and dated Dec. 27, 2017.  Another example is by Slot Shark Dan ("Eureka Lock It Link GRAND" on July 4, 2018).
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    Monty reacted to Nicholas S. in A Measure of How Effective You Were on a Winning Day   
    This comment only applies to those of us who are lucky enough to come out ahead on a given visit to the casino.  In my case, this happens only 15% to 20% of the time.  One way to measure your effectiveness in terms of winning is to calculate the ratio of your net winning at the end of the visit to the total of all "substantial" payouts (more on that below).  For instance, if you get a good jackpot on your first spin and you leave the casino immediately, your effectiveness would be 100%.
    The difficult part is to define a substantial payout.  For high-limit players, one can define it as any handpay.  For example, in the thread by Lizzybee in the section "The Biggest Winners" dated September 11, her net winning was $40,000 and the total of her handpays was $200,000.  So her effectiveness was 20%.  
    For other players, one can define a substantial payout as a reasonable multiple of their bet size.  I will use my last casino visit as an example.  My bet size was typically $5 per spin.  So I arbitrarily chose 60 times my bet size as a measure of a substantial payout.  By adding all payouts of $300 or more,  I came up with the figure $6,000.  Since, I left the casino that day with a net gain of $1,500 my effectiveness was 25%.
    I should admit that this was my highest effectiveness rate to date as it is very difficult usually to keep a high percentage of your winnings (except if you are lucky enough to get a jackpot several thousand times your bet size).  What was helpful that day was that I got two handpays.  Although I got about a hundred handpays through the years, this was only the second time that two handpays occurred the same day.
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    Monty reacted to Michael Baughman in Hey   
    I'm Michael, 28 years old, living in Westland, Michigan. I have been an avid slot player since I was 21. The city that I live in is roughly about 15 minutes from downtown Detroit, which contains three nice casinos. So, a little bit of variety there. I want to thank the entire community of people at TBJ. I have tried being a part of way too many slot channels on YouTube over the years, and most contained too much drama. With everything TBJ has to offer, it's no wonder it is the most subscribed slot channel on YouTube. I want to thank again, The Raja and his entire team of very hard working people. As a sponsor, I am enjoying the daily content on YouTube, as well as the live streaming. I look forward to becoming a Patreon member very soon.
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    Monty reacted to ApokYoshi in 1st weekend Feb. birthday Group pull   
    Looking to put together a Group Pull in Blackhawk for my birthday. 
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    Monty reacted to SandersSlots1 in SoCal Players   
    So to any one who plays at San Manual and south of SM, I have a host at Barona Resort and Casino who is willing to tier match your card. Please let me know if you are interested...$25 free play plus a free buffet!!
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    Monty reacted to The Big Jackpot in Jackpot   
    keep playing - you could hit one at anytime
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    Monty reacted to Dman808 in Aloha from Hawaii   
    My name is derek and from hawaii. Love slots