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    Hey all, I'll start this out by starting the obvious, the app is a great time killer, so much better then the other slot apps, and innovative incorporation of team building, socializing, leveling etc, just a few suggestions I stumbled across while playing the app. The push notifications are great easy way to see when you got your spin etc, and most importantly, when a new member has joined your team. When you double click the push notification it just leads you to your teams entire members list instead of linking you to that players profile in case you wanted to send a welcome message or make it rain with coins etc. Another suggestion I ran across was the obvious, more slot rooms, the current setup is fantastic, slot ladies for #spins+multipliers, and the main room for the increased reel play bonuses, but I feel many more can be added that mimic the real slots, ex: lightning link, fortune88, pharohs fortune, Cleo, fireball, etc and make these slot rooms level restricted thus increasing the bet amount for these rooms 30-40 2q, 40-50 5q, 50-60 10q etc, it would mimic a "high limit room" in an actual casino. Not much more I can think of, highly addictive game, I've played many slot apps and this one is so unique to the rest, and well, the one and only 1000$ a spin big dawg raja forged it, happy spining y'all!