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  1. Hi from Massachusetts

    Nice work! BOOM!
  2. Biggest Wins SG Gaming

    nice hit!
  3. G'day!

  4. Mega Prize $300 Rollover Contest - Day #3

  5. Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

  6. Finally!

    Welcome! If it happens again, just message us on the facebook page and we will get you fixed right up!
  7. BombSquad Shirts!

    Show us your #BombSquad Pride!
  8. Anybody know how to help?

    Sorry to hear that Refzz.. I had a similar issues years ago, but I do remember sending them my ID and stuff and it was approved later on.
  9. Mega Prize $100 Rollover Contest - Day #1

  10. 35 people to go before the 25k

    amazing countdown pooh72bear
  11. idea Discord for big jackpot

    I've actually created one but never advertised it.
  12. 25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    14 19800 total thanks
  13. How To: SuperChat on Apple iPads & Phones

    Ahhhhhh!! Thanks a lot!
  14. BombSquad Shirts!

  15. Hello From Dallas

    Welcome! Dallas #Bombsquad represent!
  16. i was up

    That does happen when we tend to be greedy lol
  17. Oregon Lottery BOOM !!!

  18. Football

  19. The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    1 - What will be The Raja's largest jackpot of the night? $7,600 2 - How many total jackpots will The Raja hit during live play? 13 3 - What Machine will The Raja play first? Triple Diamond!
  20. #finally

    Good question!