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    Help I need raja

    always remember there is things much worst than this.. like living in the medieval era with no plumbing, trash pick up, and running water. life is good
  2. Monty

    New uk member

  3. Monty

    New Games

    it updates once in a while and u have to be chosen to do the beta versions.
  4. Monty

    Hi I'm joshua

  5. Monty

    My 2nd Biggest, 1st spin

    #BOOM! nice hit!
  6. Monty


  7. Monty

    Jake from Cleveland! Hi everyone!

    welcome welcome!
  8. Monty

    Additional Steps

  9. Monty

    Favorite bet size

  10. Monty

    Help!!! How do I join slot sharks team???

    on the top where it says log in. did you log in with your forum credentials?
  11. Monty

    Escape your Cubicle

    Welcome! Subbed!
  12. Monty


    Hi Johnny! welcome!
  13. Monty

    Help!!! How do I join slot sharks team???

    go to teams on the bottom of the app and join a team. choose slot sharks.
  14. Monty

    Hello from Korea

    Hi MarkyB!
  15. Monty

    I'm Richard_najera1

    Hi Richard.. Facebook is best, but I'll let him know.
  16. Monty

    another mega boom

    nice BOOM!
  17. Monty

    Matt from Australia

    welcome m4ttay
  18. Monty

    Meet and greet

    Sup Ryan!
  19. Monty

    Whats up Jackpot Fanatics!

    Hi Ravtrader
  20. Monty

    Meet and greet

    Welcome Tim.
  21. Monty

    Loyalty badge

    I think I got mine after a week or two?
  22. Monty

    boom boom boom

    holy moly! nice hit!
  23. Monty

    Yo Yo

    Welcome SuNNZ!
  24. Monty

    im huge fan love lightning link all i play

    Hi Don! Welcome to the BombSquad!