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  1. Slot players from MN Minneapolis

    I have had great luck at Mystic Lake I've left up$4,800 the previous trip and on the trip before that left up over a thousand they have a great selection of pretty much anything you want and they have a shuttle from pretty much anywhere in Minneapolis
  2. 4k+ Guess the suit gamble lol

    big balls for sure insane
  3. $15 Special - Limited Edition 4th of July Raja Shirt

    The 4th of july is over but the wife is wearing hers today still!
  4. $15 Special - Limited Edition 4th of July Raja Shirt

    Thanks for the shirt pal Appreciate it.
  5. Should I bring this to wear on the 4th?

    Thanks will maybe take it on my Vegas trip in August again
  6. Get better sorry to hear of the teeth
  7. Updating my biggest aristo with this hige win at Ameristar last night Biggest spin paid 21600 quarters
  8. Should I thing this suit to wear ??
  9. What will amount of Biggest Jackpot be July 3rd and 4th?

    hopefully mine 62,500 triple diamonds
  10. Group Pull July 4th Black Hawk Colorado

    I am off work for the next 9 days looking forward to getting some gamlbing in havent played since trip to Mystic lake beginning of June looking forward to losing my slot celibacy again LOL
  11. Should we play tonight live?

    Yeah sadly won't be cheap need a big boom of a jackpot to pay for it all Hope they can guide you on the right path the implants can't take quite a while before you get the implant placed
  12. Should we play tonight live?

    Oral surgery or what ya got going on?
  13. Should we play tonight live?

    Keep the mojo high for 4th of July gonna need practice to win the slot challenge haha. Sure why not. Maybe go give us a tour of the reserve and other high limit rooms in central city?
  14. Group Pull July 4th Black Hawk Colorado

    I will be there hahaha Maybe we can try some out of the ordinary machines for the pull once I get to Black hawk to investigate
  15. $15 Special - Limited Edition 4th of July Raja Shirt

    printing any extras for the party??