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  1. BombSquad Shirts!

    Was wondering this too. Any plans to expand to golf or polo shirts? I'd totally rock a polo with a TBJ logo
  2. Football

  3. #finally

    It's kind of funny when different channels are recording content so close to each other. I think in the TBJ group pull video, you can hear Brian Christopher yell "Line It Up!" too.
  4. Tunica, MS Labor Day weekend.

    Nice hits I'm sitting on a couple of comped stays and some free play at Gold Strike that I need to make use of. May try to head back to Tunica later this year.
  5. $27,000 on $5 bet (not mine)

    Wicked Winnings gonna Wicked Winnings. That game is super volatile.
  6. Online Slot Play

    Pretty cool stuff. I've also noticed casino gaming is starting to pick up steam on streaming services like Twitch.tv. Live online poker and backjack have been around for a bit, but I'm staring to see slot streams now as well.
  7. intro to video

    When I hear that, I think of something like the intro to shows like Who's The Boss or Mr. Belvedere. Could be funny, but I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to sink the resources into making something like that actually look good. There's a thin line between being campy and just being awful when it comes to parody like that.
  8. The Big Jackpot at Your Casino???

    Harrah's Cherokee Cherokee, NC Come get some booms in the Great Smoky Mountains.
  9. Superstitions

    Always let your wins count up. I never EVER skip a rollup.
  10. Reppin' for Atlanta, GA here. Of course, there's no casino gaming (yet) in Georgia, so my stomping grounds are Harrah's Cherokee in NC, the Wind Creek casinos in AL, and Gold Strike in Tunica MS. This sort of relegates my gambling into a monthly thing, instead of a weekly or daily thing. I guess that's a positive in the end.
  11. Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    Thinking we'll see a pretty good hit. $8275
  12. 4k+ Guess the suit gamble lol

    I like how the video just ends. You know he was mad salty. lol
  13. Favorite machine to play and why

    Buffalo Gold: Most fun and anxiety-inducing bonus spins. Buffalo as a jackpot symbol pays out nicely, so it's possible to sit at a machine and play for long stretches. Gold multiplier on wilds outside of bonus means you can get great hits at any time. I also like some of the other Aristocrat Gold machines, like Ms Kitty Gold or 5 Dragons Gold. Dragon's Law (Normal and Twin Fever): On a number of occasion, those dragons have swooped down on near misses like, "HOLD ON THERE MORTAL. LEMME HOOK YA UP" Game seems to have a generous amount of wilds, so it's fun to play for long stretches. Red Hot 7s Respin: Respin hits have good guaranteed paybacks, though the machine can hit droughts. Cool bells, whistles, and reel action. I get inordinately hype when the guy shouts RESPIN! Double Top Dollar: Decent payouts during normal play, even for a single payline machine. My favorite single reel hit bonus activation machine (I have no luck on single payline Wheel of Fortune or Pinball). The multipliers in the Top Dollar bonus are awesome when they hit.
  14. Biggest Win on WMS

    Oldie but goodie. Got this hit on a Three-Alarm Fire machine at the Westgate in Vegas last year while waiting for the Purple Reign Prince Tribute Show (which was AMAZING). $700 hit on a $1.25 bet is a BOOM in my book.