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I have been thinking about The Raja's Chicken Pot Pie

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Ever since Scott cooked that Chicken Pot Pie for the twins I have been looking for a recipe.  I know he said the chicken was a Super Market Rotisserie chicken and that sounds super yummy. What else should I try? What crust should I use? I don't have a bread maker so I was wondering if there is a certain bought crust anyone has tried?  The filling could be a soup minus the extra milk. Maybe a mushroom soup and then add frozen baby carrots and potatoes?  Hmmm. Damn I so wanted him to serve me up a plate of that also that looked yummy. Can anyone help? In the odd chance Scott sees this will you share your master recipe? Hungry bomb squad members want to cook some up and then settle in and watch the Big Jackpot get some #booms. 

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