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    Favorite machine to play and why

    I have always loved the double and triple diamond machines! I prefer the higher denoms but as far as the lines, I love them all, from a single 3 reel one line, to 9 line 2$ denom at 90$ a pull. But I also love most of the 7's machines, like Triple Gold or anything like that.
  2. ??Lisa Marie??

    Bomb Squad

    I know I'm like a few days late on this, But I'm from Kansas Oklahoma border. I have been a fan since before Scott even had 500 subs, and I'll always be one!! #BOOM!! e4a36074-ba14-4902-b7a4-c002394e6519
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Lisa and I am from right on the Kansas Oklahoma border. I've always enjoyed gambling, which brought me to watch other videos on YouTube involving watching people play and hit jackpots, and one day, back when Raja was just getting started with only a couple hundred subscribers, I stumbled across his channel, and I've been a HUGE FAN ever since. I love being apart of the Bombsquad, and hav caught myself planning events in my life around whether or not Raja was going to be live! Haha sounds ridiculous now that I type that to everyone else, but hey, what can I say? Other than #Boom e4a36074-ba14-4902-b7a4-c002394e6519