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  1. 88Fortunes

    Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    88 Fortunes
  2. 88Fortunes

    Hello From Belgium!

    @HughesBlake I need some luck. These days the casino's eat all my money fast! I have no luck. Maybe in the future i will post a BOOM from Holland when i get lucky.
  3. 88Fortunes


    Playing slot machines and developing websites
  4. 88Fortunes

    Huge win online with EnergyCasino

    Wauw verry nice win with a low bet!
  5. 88Fortunes

    What is a good online casino?

    I found the link, it's http://www.won.com/casino
  6. 88Fortunes

    What is a good online casino?

    I will take a look at Omni casino, do you have a link for me?
  7. 88Fortunes

    Hello From Belgium!

    I play often in Amsterdam at Holland Casino. They have a lot of vegas slots, like: AWS, Tree of Wealth, Lignting Link, 88 Fortunes, Buffalo, Quick Hit Platinum. In belgium we have only 4 casino's and they are small.
  8. 88Fortunes

    Its teasing me

    Lost today 5k on 88 Fortunes machine!
  9. What is a good online casino with a lot of comps and bonusses?
  10. 88Fortunes

    Hello from girl from Oz

    Welcome Jackie
  11. 88Fortunes

    Hello From Belgium!

    Hello Guys, I'm a slot lover from Belgium (Antwerpen) and i love watching Raja playing slots!