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  1. 314k on a 1.60 bet is crazy but I seen it happen. Check it out on my YT CH. What can I say. Taxes are. Going to be crazy. Super thanks to IGT. New slot are making it possible to hit progressive on any bet.
  2. Jollyhell

    Lightning in a bottle

    Any more info on this it looks like a 10 cent bet. Wow.
  3. Jollyhell

    Progressive Wins

    Wow. You have a YT channel your an awesome player. Well I witness a 314k win on my CH.
  4. Your right they can log serial numbers on hundred dollar Bill's and if they are from the house they will get gobbled up. Your a sitting duck if you win 15k and dont leave the property.
  5. Jollyhell

    Hi Jollyhell is here.

    Love watching the big jackpot. Raja the luckiest and craziest slot player I ever seen. Trying to up my bets it not easy. Losses have to happen before wins. I used to be a slot repairman. I play slots a lot. And as always do better then table game. I post a few slot videos of my own hits at I have hit a lightning link grand jackpot.