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  1. MoniLoveSlots

    New Beta testers

    Yes just go to your app store and scroll down the game app and click join . Hope this helps!🤑
  2. MoniLoveSlots

    New team chats

    Please go to your app store and download the update in order to team chat. Hope this helps everyone!
  3. MoniLoveSlots

    Dancing Drums PLEASE !

  4. MoniLoveSlots

    Tucson meet and gamble

    Wish I lived there Bear. I would be in there with u
  5. MoniLoveSlots

    Beta vs non beta play

    Hi Drew You have to become a beta tester to join teams. If you would like more info on how to join just check out my forum. Hope this helps!
  6. MoniLoveSlots

    Beta chat and messaging

    Not sure how iOS works since im using android. I would contact Morgan for these issues.
  7. MoniLoveSlots

    New Beta testers

    Hi Benny, Scroll to the bottom of your app store and under Beta click join. Hope this helps!!
  8. MoniLoveSlots

    New Beta testers

    When becoming a new Beta tester please be mindful that your messaging might not work for a few hours. Sit tight it will come up eventually!! Goodluck