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  1. John

    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    1) 6375 2) 7 3) Turtles
  2. John

    How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    Is there any truth to stories regarding a Russian team filming and then somehow being able to predict the rng in their favour ?
  3. John

    Favorite machine to play and why

    Has to be Vibrant 7's (or variants) for me. It's an odd set up because you pay an extra 10c for the progressive chance regardless of regular bet level. So on a penny machine minimum bet is 25c +10c and you have the same chance of winning the progressives as max betting $2.50 +10c. I've won the Maxi jackpot (~$800+) on a .35c pull many times. There is a high roller version @ $35 - $260 a pull but they are rare.
  4. I'm gonna guess $11125. Just for fun, Ok if I add an entry for the Lady Doctor, she says $60 ?
  5. John

    Best Casino Comps & Rewards

    As a low roller (I've seen the Raja do my days budget in a single spin !) I wonder what my expectations for Comps should be? Being from the UK, I make it to Vegas once a year for a 7-10 night stay. Usually staying at total rewards casinos (e.g. Planet Hollywood, Flamingo etc) I go from zero to platinum by the end of the trip. So they usually comp a few nights for my next stay based on my play and I have enough points for a decent dinner at the end of the trip. I usually end up losing around $5000. Should I get more, I've never seen a casino host and the rewards staff don't seem that interested.
  6. John

    Biggest win on smallest amounts

    $5015 on a sizzling sevens machine. 15 lines @ 0.05c a line = .75c a pull ! This was back on November 3rd 2013 at the California, downtown Las Vegas. I was shaking like a leaf and while waiting the cocktail waitress got me a drink, tipped her $20. Best part was being UK, I didn't have to pay any taxes.