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  1. Bikerrancher

    App lock up on extreme wins

    Seems to be running great no more lockups great job guys
  2. Bikerrancher

    App lock up on extreme wins

    Thank you for all the help Monty I appreciate it a lot
  3. Bikerrancher


    First of all I would like to thank Raja and all the team at the TBJ for such a great app!! Since I've joined July 1st it's done nothing but get better and better.. Now we have a new opportunity to have teams and team competitions !!! What an awesome idea !! I'm currently building my team and cannot wait to see how it turns out. I hope to see you all there, and thanks again to Raja & everyone at TBS
  4. Bikerrancher

    App lock up on extreme wins

    Haven't noticed near the bugs guys I think you've done a great job
  5. Bikerrancher

    App lock up on extreme wins

    I get giant wins and then it locks up and I don't get them
  6. Bikerrancher

    Can't get my bomb squad badge

    I have registered to be a bomb squad member a half a dozen times. I received emails from the big jackpot but I still do not have the badge