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  1. Mega Prize Rollover - Day #5 for $500 Cash

  2. Mega Prize $300 Rollover Contest - Day #3

  3. Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

  4. Monarch Casino Prize Pack - November 1st

  5. 25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    9,910 4 jackpots
  6. 35 people to go before the 25k

    21 to go!!!
  7. The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    $8,295 7 Prowling Panther
  8. Happy Birthday! :D

  9. How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    Video was great! The Big Jackpot hands down the best You Tube Slot page!!!!
  10. 20000 subscribers Live play

    Ok, GOT is over - The Big Jackpot can start
  11. 20000 subscribers Live play

    What time is it in UK??
  12. 20000 subscribers Live play

    Ooh hour and half. Won't have to split myself in half to watch GOT
  13. 20000 subscribers Live play

    Just got Facebook notification that it starts soon. However long soon is We gonna sound like children in the backseat "Are we there yet?!?!"
  14. 20000 subscribers Live play

    Hey! If you watch T's You Tube with Scott yesterday afternoon (which was super cute) he mentioned soccer errands with the kiddos ( children come first ). Taking that into consideration PLUS the hour drive to get to Casino it probably be a later start time. I myself came on Forum to see start time (if available) - I got studying to do and want to know how long till I ditch it to watch the live stream