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    Big Boy and Muffin. Shi Tzu with their fresh summer grooming.
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  8. Hi from Texas

  9. Hi from Texas

    Nice to meet you Chris. Looking forward to too😊
  10. Hi from Texas

    Ok, that made me laugh out loud. Colts! You do know that Andrew Luck is from Houston? Played high school football at Houston Stratford.
  11. Hi from Texas

    I became a Patreon member a couple of weeks ago and happy I did. Well worth it. We had about 3 straight days of rain in the Austin area but no damage that I know of. I have family in Houston. They left the area during the storm. Luckily they came home to no damage. I'm very grateful for proud of all the people that have done so much to help those that have lost everything. Thank you for the warm welcome. Oh yeah, just one more thing . Go Cowboys!!
  12. Hi from Texas

    Hi everyone. My name is Deana Williams. Most people think I'm DeAnna but my name is pronounced Dean (my father's name) add an a on the end just like Deana Martin daughter of Dean Martin. Ok, got that out of the way. I live in the Austin, TX area I moved here last March after living in Odessa, TX all my adult life. I lost my husband of 22 years almost 5 years ago. We loved traveling to Vegas multiple times a year and Zia Park in Hobbs, NM for day trips I have 3 grown children with beautiful families of their own otherwise known as my grandchildren:) Ive been a fan of TBJ for several months. I was and I emphasize "was" a fan of BC. While watching one of his group pull videos several months ago I heard one of his participants ask him if The Big Jackpot was for real. BC grudgingly answered yes and that he had met him. So I thought I've got to check this out and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy the whole crew of Brian, Tee, Jeremy and Kelly.