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  1. Love playing hockey. Play 3-4 times per week at varying levels here in the Chicagoland area.

    Season ticket holder to the Chicago Blackhawks and The Vegas Golden Knights. Let me know if you need some seats! They are both row 1 (not glass - first balcony).

    Have a thing for aviation as well. Love flying/planes/anything aviation.

  2. On 8/15/2017 at 7:43 PM, Joseph Lombardi said:

    1. If you stop the spin quickly do you get the same result if you let the spin do a complete spin?

    2. As a gambler entering a casino how do we know the payout percentages? 

    3. If it is a random number generator for slots, how can I lose 500 spins in a row, and is it worth chasing the machine to get my money back?

    4. Do machines really have hot and cold periods? 

    5. Also I have noticed that different times in the casino where everyone is winning around me( right before they let out a show) I have also noticed that there are times where no is winning (when it is slower). Can they turn "on" winning more or "Off" from winning less?

    I think Joe has asked my question in 2 different ways. In any case:

    "Do they issue a Volatility Index that the casinos can custom order or do they directly set a particular game's volatility and they are ordered that way?"

  3. 1 hour ago, Briguy said:

    So what did you think about today's Happy Hour online play? As well as the 12k Mega Boom bonus on Ventura game?

    Literally tuned into the 12k #Boom as it was happening. Sweet score. I like the different online games as they offer variation from actual casino play I've encountered. Some of the bonuses might not be huge but they can be funny...Take the Monty Python from the other day...To win money Raja had to move out of the way of falling cows?? LOL, that along with the commentary makes it enjoyable.

  4. 8 hours ago, Refzz said:

    Hughes, not sure how you got Pharaohs fortune to cough up more than $50.  I can't seem to.  That is sweet.   I always pick start free dud games within one to three picks. 

    Truly random. Had just gotten done playing bank of VP to the right of PF at Paris (Vegas). Was a few hundy to the good so I dropped 200 into the machine. Hit the bonus within 4 spins. While picking the squares, I thought it was broken (was my first time on that machine) because I kept getting spins and multipliers (started with 20 spins and 5x). Retriggered to the tune of 80 spins when it was all said and done. Not pissed at the result but looking back, coulda been so much more now that you mention it.

  5. Hi all,

    Currently residing in North Aurora, IL, I'm an air traffic controller at Chicago Center (think Pushing Tin, the movie - similar stress, less dramatization). Love playing/watching hockey and spending time with friends/family.

    Video poker was my jam until I hit a Pharaoh's Fortune #BOOM this past march. Now I spend time time with VP winnings in search of some sweet jackpot action. Props to The Raja and crew for making an enjoyable experience. Been cool to see this grow. Hope to keep witnessing fun times and to participate/interract as much as possible with everyone here.

    Best - Blake