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  1. Mega Prize $300 Rollover Contest - Day #3

  2. 25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    $8,888 12 Jackpots
  3. Las Vegas - Hard Rock Giveaway plus $100 Cash Bonus*

    My guess is: $13,333.00
  4. BILOXI 10/23 - 10/26

    Is anyone going to be on the junket to the Beau on 10/23?
  5. Century Casino Prize Packs Giveaways

    Any 9 line machine, double diamond, Triple/Double Diamond, Triple Strike etc.
  6. TBJ in Tampa?!

    Have you nailed down dates for the Hard Rock in Tampa? I know it's near MLK day. I want to be certain I have the night off so I can participate in the group pull and habe the opportunity to meet the Raja, Brian, T and the TBJ Crew.
  7. In one night I won $18,000 in jackpots. First win was $3,000, the next 2 were for $7,500 each. These happened back to back on three different 9 line Triple Diamond machines.
  8. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa

    Small lol TechieTP was gracious enough to ride in on a donut all the way from O-town (Orlando) to meet up with me. Food was good, dessert was fenom! The "group pull" was somewhat profitable we hit a Big Win on Sex and the City taking us to 1.5x our individual investment. It was fun. I'm hoping the next will have a few more participants.
  9. $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 9/26 - $8453Sun 9/27 - $6328Mon 9/28 - $7453Tue 9/29 - $9325Wed 9/30 - $8156Overall - $64,076
  10. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa

    Hey Tampa Bomb Squad! Tomorrow, 20 August is the Group Pull at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. If you are interested, meet at the Center Bar by 6:30p. We are going to grab food before hand at Fresh Harvest. Meet there at 3:30. Hope to see you there!
  11. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa?

    I'll see youSunday at 3:30 outside of Fresh Harvest
  12. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa?

    I'm down for whatever option. Just let me know what time to be there.
  13. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa?

    Then let's just do 5ish.....we can get cocktails on the floor if we so choose unless you want to eat at the Cafe. Just let me know what everyone wants to do.
  14. Group Pull @ Seminole Hard Rock Tampa?

    I never go without it Wear your The Big Jackpot shirt if you have one. Fingers crossed, mine will be here by then.