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    LowShow got a reaction from Nicholas S. in $27,000 on $5 bet (not mine)   
    Just found this and thought it was definitely worth sharing! !!https://youtu.be/gqtg_mC3Gps
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    LowShow got a reaction from Jeff Patterson in Great Lightning Link win. Must be Raja fans lol.....   
    Scott must be the most unlucky Lightning Link player I know haha. This is how it's done and must be Big Jackpot fans https://youtu.be/4oNrb706XAg
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    LowShow reacted to BrianOfDenver in Raja..... how do you start a "poll" on here for your Vegas trip?   
    what games do you want to see him play?
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    LowShow reacted to TracyD in I'M JUST SAYIN'   
    I too LOVE watching the Raja play Black Widow!! 
    I've never had luck on it myself, but it seems to come through very often for him!! Makes me appreciate the game a lot more!!!
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    LowShow got a reaction from Monty in Have you seen someone wearing a BIG JACKPOT shirt and where?   
    Have you randomly seen someone wearing a Big Jackpot shirt and if so where??
    I saw a guy wearing one at Sky City Casino in New Zealand.  I was also wearing my #BOMBSQUAD shirt and walked up behind him said BOOOOOOM! We had a good laugh and grabbed a beer. Great community. 
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    LowShow reacted to lolb18 in Big Jackpot Youtube Titles.   
    So I'm starting this topics in hopes the raja or brian sees it and maybe take my advice into consideration.  You guys need better titles during live streams.  Need to start adding key words so people who search youtube have a better chance of finding your channel.  Stuff like high limit should always be in the title.  I noticed when hugh Hefner was on his name wasn't mentioned in the title.  If His name was and someone searched his name on youtube your channel would likely show up in the search results.  Title and thumbnail 2 biggest things that get somebody to watch your videos.  Anyone else agree or disagree with me or even have something to add.
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    LowShow got a reaction from BrianOfDenver in Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!   
    THURSDAY  $6860
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    LowShow got a reaction from The Raja in A mission for our man Raja!   
    Next time you are out venturing into new casinos can you make it your mission (or Brians) to find $1 denom Lightning Link.
    I have seen these on YouTube and the potential is huge!! Plus EVERYONE always asks for Lightning Link so this would definitely satisfy their needs haha.
    Love your work and looking forward to seeing how big this channel grows! ! (:
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    LowShow got a reaction from Nicholas S. in Loving 5 DRAGONS!   
    This game has huge potential! ! 
    I have hit just over 10k on this when I had 4 good 30x hits. A favorite of mine now!! 
    Always go 30x (:
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    LowShow got a reaction from Monty in 4k+ Guess the suit gamble lol   
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    LowShow got a reaction from Nicholas S. in Loving 5 DRAGONS!   
    Awesome!  Lol the winnings always go back eventually.  I love any games with that reel style of play!
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    LowShow reacted to Moneyblast in $5 Lightning Link (:   
    Yes please play lightning link! You did well on it at cosmopolitan! 
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    LowShow reacted to Foxwoods33 in Biggest win on smallest amounts   
    Was playing a 2c Dynamite blast 4$  a pull never played it got 58 free games, ended up with $2800..i couldn't believe it never though I'd get a hand pay on a penny machine lol
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    LowShow reacted to BrianOfDenver in $5 Lightning Link (:   
    maybe Brian of Denver can get some $5 Lightning Link live before Scott takes over one day!
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    LowShow reacted to Coach Tom in Wicked Winnings   
    Any version (they have 4) of a high denomination Wicked Winnings would be cool to watch. Jackpots can be mega Boooms