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  1. LowShow

    Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY

  2. LowShow

    Hard Rock T Shirts???

    Do you have any of the Hard Rock ts you were wearing in the recent group pull??? Really keen on 2 (:
  3. LowShow

    What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"

    The interaction from Scott with the fans!! It must be hard work keeping up and trying to reply to comments and talking to drunk people in casinos especially when he is losing. True champion!!
  4. LowShow

    Thank you Raja!!

    I'm sorry my favourite game Lightning Link didn't treat you better... But a huge thanks for giving us a big thrill betting amounts we can only dream of!!! You definitely created the biggest buzz and vibe on any slot channel EVER!!! Departments where I worked all stopped to take it in lol. Good luck for the future!!
  5. $86570 boom boom LIGHTNING LINK
  6. LowShow

    Mega Prize $100 Rollover Contest - Day #1

  7. LowShow

    Monarch Casino Prize Pack - November 1st