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  1. I would just make a new facebook account and make sure has your correct info on it, Some times if its a odd name or doeskin match up info wise they close these accounts quickly. Also if you send a lot of friend requests fast that triggers stuff to get flagged. Brian of Denver can help you if you open a new account and send you the request to avoid that from getting triggered.

  2. yes should count the comps just get with Nick and he will assist you but they are very generous and happy to help all the TBJ members and want us to have a great time and come back more and more. If any issues let me know.

  3. 17 hours ago, Refzz said:

    My local casino has started handing out gifts.  I personally hate that they do this.  I used to get comped up to $600 in food at the steakhouse after going there.  Now they cap that comp at $195 and every 6 months want to give me some piece of crap luggage set or something similar.  I don't know what they are thinking.  

    I would prefer to get food comps over gifts.  Unless they comp me Breitling watches or something decent.

    most now a days just give free play instead of the giftcards which is much better since I rather have the free play then a random gift card i may never use