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  1. Anybody know how to help?

    I would just make a new facebook account and make sure has your correct info on it, Some times if its a odd name or doeskin match up info wise they close these accounts quickly. Also if you send a lot of friend requests fast that triggers stuff to get flagged. Brian of Denver can help you if you open a new account and send you the request to avoid that from getting triggered.

    best of luck and hope Holly can hit your first handpay
  3. 35 people to go before the 25k

  4. TBJ Cigars

    Rich, soon we will have a link available to get them with our other Holiday items. In the meantime you can also get them directly from
  5. So curious out side of gambling what other items would you enjoy seeing us show case at the casino? Restaurants, Rooms, Pools, Clubs, Shopping, VIP Rooms and thing else in the casino you want to see us start to show more on videos or on our groups?
  6. Comps for G2e

    yes should count the comps just get with Nick and he will assist you but they are very generous and happy to help all the TBJ members and want us to have a great time and come back more and more. If any issues let me know.
  7. $225 Las Vegas Contest

    #bigbooms I have my work cut out for me now
  8. How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    So i have invited two of the guys from Ainsworth to join the forum to also maybe answer some of these questions for us. Hopefully they join otherwise we will hit them live with all of them
  9. How Slots Work- Questions for the manufactures

    Also for the game company we will be visiting while in Vegas its Ainsworth so any specific questions related to them please let us know. Also Coach great idea for a the forum to ask.
  10. 285 Free Spins - Money Blast

    would have thought you would have a least won 285 x 60
  11. Greetings from Connecticut

    Thanks Joseph
  12. Magic Pearl L Link Major Hit

    Nice hits #boom
  13. Insulted?

    most now a days just give free play instead of the giftcards which is much better since I rather have the free play then a random gift card i may never use
  14. Big Jackpot Youtube Titles.

    Thank you for your feedback and normally we do add better titles and names but the other night with so many wifi issues was trying to et back like quickly so said part 2 part 3 and we later edited the titles
  15. Met the Raja

    Nice to meet you and your wife too
  16. So as everyone knows my favorite machine to play is the Black Widow. I really enjoy it for the web feature during the bonus rounds as well as the #minibooms it offers frequently just below the hand pay level of $1125 when playing at $75 a spin. Also you can build it up quickly for $3000 to $6000 and avoid hand pay issues at all so is like a decent size hand pay if cash out when it peaks.
  17. What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"

    Thanks Jeff for watching and always cheering us on.
  18. intro to video

    what do you mean? please explain more and why this would be good for it.
  19. Was a big fan

    Kyle Happy to hear your back in on board with us. Look forward to meeting you when you come visit. Also you mention you live in Vegas and we will be there several times coming up before the end of the year.

    Giant #bomb one for it lol We talked about having good luck clover on shirt sleeve to rub for good luck one day but hard to get printed
  21. If you guess the closest to the amount of the Biggest Jackpot I hit on July 3rd or 4th during live play you will win $50 cash and a T shirt of your choice. Guesses start now and go until Monday July 3rd at 5pm. GO...
  22. Was a big fan

    Kyle sorry to hear about this if you have more info about what happened please let us know. Based on the information you have said not much we can do to assist you on it.
  23. New Contest for this Thursday Night. If you can guess what slot machine in the casino I will play first you will win A free T shirt of your choice. Anyone you want listed on our site One guess per person only guesses on the forum count and if more then one person guesses the same Brian will run a slot roll run off competition live Friday the 30th to see the winner. I will help you all out it will not be the Black Widow or Brazil so be creative and think about all the different games you have seen in the lodge casino for me to play.
  24. Let me know if any locals or people coming to visit have a interest and can set some thing up

    For me would be the Dr lady hopefully some one has the link to that video on the group