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    My biggest Jackpot!!!

    Won the Grand Progressive on 5 Dragons Sapphire Edition on January 8th, 2019
  2. SandersSlots1


    If the problem hasnt been fixed, send an email to and they usually respond in a few hours!!
  3. SandersSlots1

    SoCal Players

    So to any one who plays at San Manual and south of SM, I have a host at Barona Resort and Casino who is willing to tier match your card. Please let me know if you are interested...$25 free play plus a free buffet!!
  4. SandersSlots1

    Buffalo Max Jackpot

    Bet was $4!! Hit this at Barona Casino in Lakeside, Ca
  5. SandersSlots1

    Check out Holly Does Slots

    Check out Holly Does Slots at: And mine:
  6. SandersSlots1

    Buffalo Gold 15 Heads!!

    All 15 heads on Buffalo Gold....Warning this video does have cussing!
  7. SandersSlots1

    SoCal Meet Up

    Ok. I wanted to do a meet up with all Bomb Squad members in SoCal. I know we have alot in San Diego and LA area...So the middle of all that is Pechenga Casino! When would be a good time/date? Let me know below. Maybe we can get the Famous Matthew Ditty out as well to do some autographs!
  8. SandersSlots1

    $100,000 Mega Contest - 100 Spins at $1,000 a Spin

  9. SandersSlots1

    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

    71,485....but it better be bigger! #Booom
  10. SandersSlots1

    Sugar Hits Progressive

    Hit this progressive jackpot on Sugar Hits...3 dollar bet!
  11. SandersSlots1

    Guarantee Winner - Final Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY