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  1. Brenda

    $100,000 Mega Contest - 100 Spins at $1,000 a Spin

    2 133,000.00 is my best guess. Good luck Scott, I hope you get the biggest jackpot of your life!
  2. Brenda

    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

    133,000.00 One hundred thirty three thousand. BOOM!!!
  3. Here is a link to Simon's go fund me account. If you go to you tube to the big jackpot cartoons you can see some of the cartoons that she does. She's super talented and super sweet, and her one wish is to have a double dIamond round top in her house.
  4. Brenda

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    332 handpays Biggest.....$32,865.00 Total...$2,3322.00
  5. Brenda

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    33 handpays Biggest.....$13,320.00 Total...$42,858.00
  6. Brenda

    Vegas Wedding Contest!

    44 $85,800.00
  7. Hi, yeah I was in the bonus and I believe that I had 16 wolves with two moons. Yeah you're right it's called Timber Wolf. So this was down in Florence or the Mill Casino I can't remember which. But it was in Oregon at the coast this summer. But up at the new casino in Washington I can never spell it, iliana, I think that's the right spelling . I won $12,000 on timber wolf. And then 3 months later I won $12,000 on Timberwolf again. Same game same scenario as the one you're looking at but, I was only betting $5. It was really bizarre that I won 12 thousand on the same machine twice in a row. And then I was playing Buffalo Deluxe and hit almost 6,000. Anyway that hasn't happened for a while either. I think my last jackpot was around October.
  8. Hi I'm Brenda Watts from Salem Oregon. I'm not a big deal. I'm just a mom. I like to play Texas Holdem and I love to play the slots. One time in Mexico I won jackpot in pesos. It was pretty cool I couldn't figure out how much I won, turned out to be three hundred bucks. One time I won $25,000 at Chinook Winds in Lincoln City Oregon. Last year I won12,000 twice on the wolf moon and a $16,000 in Florence Oregon. I tried to gamble at least three times a month just because I enjoy it so much. I never take more than I can afford to lose. But if I win I have a great time spending it back in. Here's my 16k I was betting $10 on a $0.02 machine. Boom!!!! I don't know if I can upload a video if I can I'll show you the jackpot in Mexico it was pretty cool . It's in pesos received_1586961798020782.mp4