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  1. Eric Bentsen

    Write off your losses

    I thought I saw someone on YouTube win $98.5K in 24 handpays, but he walked away $3K down. How do you tell the IRS you lost $101.5K at the same time you won $98.5K? I mean, the machines took it all and it's just on slot machine voucher paper that's gone.
  2. Eric Bentsen

    How to play The Big Jackpot APP on a budget.

    I got started with 100 million. I played the last slot on the right, it seems to be the loosest. I was betting 500K, then when I won up to 150 million, I upped my bet to 750K. I'm trying to keep a 200 to 1 ratio between my balance and my bet size. After I got upgraded to 10 billion, I had to start betting 25M because of the threat of missing out on the huge jackpots. I really only wanted to bet 5M. I even went out on a limb to win a 1B slot pull by betting 75M. Since I hadn't activated my account by e-mail the 4B win I got wasn't registered until the moment I activated my account online. Now I have 100B, and if I finish Level III I'll get 250B more, but in the meantime I'm betting 50M-100M.