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  1. $2.50 bet Prowling Panther 96 free spin bonus
  2. $18723 Tampa Hardrock
  3. Trever

    $225 Las Vegas Contest

    (template to copy and paste and use for your entry)Sat 9/26 - $18020Sun 9/27 - $12300Mon 9/28 - $5500Tue 9/29 - $7400Wed 9/30 - $6700Overall - $22500
  4. Trever


    Payback percentages are predetermined from the manufacturer. Most reputable casinos post their monthly payback percentages to casino player magazine so the public can see them. Even though they are total random events when you press the button the subset of ones and zeros changes to keep the machine in line with the payback percentage. That allows the random number generator to stay random per spin but changes the number of winning and losing combinations at any time (ones and zeros combos)
  5. Trever

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    $20k on old school machine and camera. $100 machine Ballys AC
  6. Trever

    Sunday - June 11th Giveaway!

    15:21 time stamp into video. #boom
  7. I am from NJ.. I play in any casino I can find but mostly online now. I only play Prowling Panther online and love it. I have been watching Scott play when he would post only Black Widow wins. My wife and I are huge fans and watch every video and live broadcast. I have my #miniboom shirt ready to wear on my cruise at the end of the month.