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  1. Buddy lane

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    I think yoi will place 16th hope you win it all!!!!!
  2. Buddy lane

    Bomb Squad

    My name is buddy from ky I been watcha this channel since day 1 i really enjoy it . I had a stroke in January at age 47 it has been life changing playing slots was my favorite hobby but since my stroke I cannot play so watching you guys brings me a lot of joy to me I have been paralyzed on my left side but thru hard work and rehabilitation I am going to make a full recovery you guys have bee my inspiration to make ot back to they thing i love i going to make my first casino trip to tunica with my wife glenda who has stood byside me the whole way I'm a member of the bomb squad and would love one of your cool bomb squad shirts to wear to tunica but I'm retired military and money is tight how much are they I want to wear it proudly in tunica I leave for tunica on July 1 2017 I wish you guys the best luck on all your future jackpot!!!!!! Yall to you again buddy from ky