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    I hope the Raja goes back to the Cosmopolitan as it is the casino I play at and enjoy in Vegas.  They have better slot selection than the Hard Rock.  Just a hope!
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    helene reacted to BMasty in Best Pet Photo Contest!   
    Ray Mysterio is about to get got!

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    helene got a reaction from BrianOfDenver in Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!   
    Thursday $3890
    Friday $5125
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    helene reacted to The Raja in Favorite machine to play and why   
    So as everyone knows my favorite machine to play is the Black Widow. I really enjoy it for the web feature during the bonus rounds as well as the #minibooms it offers frequently just below the hand pay level of $1125 when playing at $75 a spin. Also you can build it up quickly for $3000 to $6000 and avoid hand pay issues at all so is like a decent size hand pay if cash out when it peaks.