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  1. 7 hours ago, BrianOfDenver said:

    *Note, assuming nobody wins on Friday  or Saturday its $1,400 otherwise it starts over again at $100*

    This is the fourteenth installment of the Mega Prize Contest - $100 added to the pot each week until we have a winner.

    Since we did not have a winner during the last live play,  this weeks contest is a $1,400 Prize (Sunday Las Vegas Live Play 1/7/18)

    To Win - guess the exact total dollar amount won of all of The Raja's jackpot hand pays combined during his next live event.

    Rules - enter your guess below on this thread, one guess per person and you must guess the exact answer/amount to win. If there is no winner, the $100 will roll over to the next event. You must enter prior to the start of the live video.


  2. 1 hour ago, BrianOfDenver said:

    In honor of The Raja and The Big Jackpot crew coming to The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this January we have a surprise giveaway!

    The Big Jackpot will be back again at the Hard Rock Las Vegas January 6th for a legendary group pull and we hope everyone can join us!!


    If your interesting in coming send me a message and I can get you our direct host who is matching hotel and free play offers for new players.


    The contest

    Since its NFL Wild Card weekend in Las Vegas January 6th and 7th when we are there, we are doing a NFL contest for week 17.

    The winner will receive a Raja Bobblehead and a Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Dufflebag.

    To enter, guess the total number of points scored across all 16 NFL games during week 17 on Sunday 1/31.

    One guess per person and you must enter by 1:00 PM EST on 1/31. The closest guess to the actual number will win, in case of a time there will be a tiebreaker chosen by Brian of Denver.


    Good Luck