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    Bernalene got a reaction from The Raja in What will amount of Biggest Jackpot be July 3rd and 4th?   
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    Bernalene got a reaction from BrianOfDenver in Sunday - June 11th Giveaway!   
    I entered an invalid guess. Hmmm now it feels like the Raja will win earlier so here's my guess hoping its valid.. 11:11 time stamp
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    Bernalene got a reaction from jojozee in Favorite machine to play and why   
    Mine is Lucky 88 it gives a good pay out during the bonus round as you can pick a multiplier of 88x. You should try it! Btw its different from 88 treasures and I saw a vid on youtube with the new lucky 88 machine (50 payline). Hope you can play it we do not have it yet here in the Philippines. 
    More power #boom