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    limited , but loving life

    Hi my name is Steve but I would rather be known as survivor . I have stage 4 COPD and lung cancer. Although it is tough to get out I still enjoy gambling at our local casino's here in the twin cities area. Treatments for my little illnesses have made me blow up like a Macy's balloon. That is why I enjoy TBJ so much and the people I am introduced to are the best. Enjoy every day and each jackpot they really are precious . Keep booming and I will be your best cheerleader . Thanks for reading.
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    Biggest win on smallest amounts

    there were actually three times I won huge, by sheer luck ...The first time was at Viejas Casino in 2010...they had what was called Mystical Jackpots, that could drop in at any moment, money left over from an earlier promotion they had...the highest being 5K....I was sitting playing Pharoah's fortune, and had put 20.00 in...I was betting 1.50, and got down to my last .55 cents. I lowered the bet down to 3 lines by .02 cents....the red bonus light started flashing and I figured I must have gotten a 10.00 smaller jackpot but 284,000 pennies dropped into the machine. The managers came over and took my information and told me I didn't win 2,840.00, but I hit the mystical for 5K....amazingly I did it again, three months later on a .30 bet....put in five dollars on my pharaohs fortune and did it again...first bet....but I would say the BEST one I ever won, was at Barona...there was a little slot tourney there...and I went down to play my five dollars free play. I entered the contest and it was a score based contest and hit for 170,000 plus points. I was in first place all night long but then people started posting their 'points'...so by the time I was done I figured I won 500.00...morning came however, they'd lied, and I was second place and won 5,000.00..i couldn't believe it and that cost me ZERO...oh how I long for those days again!!!!!