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Jeff Patterson

What NFL Team(s) will you Bet on in 2017 ???

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What teams do you bet on?

Do you play NFL Pools, Casino Bets?

How much have you Won betting on NFL games?



My Team.. the 49ers.

I bet on 49er, Patroit, Seahawks, Denver games at Casinos.

I play a $100 a square pool that covers the NFL Regular Season.  I play another $100 pool that covers the Playoffs and Super Bowl.

I won $2,000 on a Super Bowl Game football pool.


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Hot tip - bet against the Rams :), the curse of Georgia Frontiere is strong with them, not to mention the scorn of everyone outside of LA. But, 

Although it kills me to say this, I've picked the Patriots in previous office pools and won with them, even though since the Rams are the devil, the Pats are not far behind.

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